Sunday, November 14, 2010

Use the Scientific Method to become Enlightened

To my way of looking at Enlightenment one needs three things, intelligence, intuition, and compassion.
Without these three things or at least without intending to develop these three things enlightenment is not possible in any being.

But with these three things present or being developed then the next useful thing is learning to apply the scientific Method to enlightenment.

For me, enlightenment is not just becoming spiritually fully realized. There is a lot more to it than that. For me, enlightenment is about everything that one perceives 24 hours a day. It is about every day dream and night dream and everything in between. Everything all the time is about enlightenment. And one never stops becoming enlightened from the moment of conception in their mother's womb.

So, when I was between 5 to 10 years of age I was first exposed to the Scientific Method. It is primarily a way to not get caught in superstition in unuseful ways but to develop a logical and useful way of understanding everything in the universe.  In this way fear that is misplaced and not helpful can be permanently (or at least temporarily) put to rest so that one can move forward and not just be left howling in the ignorance in the dark at the moon like some sort of animal.

So, what I consider useful about the scientific method is how all experiences are classified by putting them into hypotheses, Theories and Laws.

So, being superstitious and howling at the moon in the dark is about not being scientific about what is actually going on. Whereas learning to classify all experiences first as to whether one finds these experiences to be either useful to know about or presently  not useful to know about or never really useful to know about. In this way one can eliminate parts of life that couldn't possibly be useful to comprehend ever.

Note: unfortunately, almost anything you ever experience you might need in an emergency to survive some strange situation. So, in a sense everything you ever experience in total is useful to you. end note.

However, most of the time just breaking everything down into hypotheses, theories and laws you will find useful to your life and future. Though letting someone else define all this for you is the lazy man or woman's path, making your own list that will be generally different than the one someone else gives you is the actual experiential road to your personal enlightenment.

The reason this will take you to your own personal enlightenment is that each definition that comes through your own personal experiences empowers you in Amazing Amazingly powerful and useful ways. Only through your own personal experiences can you REALLY become enlightened. What other people tell you can ONLY intellectually take you there. But your own personal experience of something can take you ALL the way there to your own personal Enlightenment and that you will find is what will make your life worth living and take you to success in all Ways! Happy Enlightenment!

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