Saturday, November 20, 2010

If Another Worldwide Great Depression Came

There is no better way to avoid this scenario than to fully understand just how horrific this would be worldwide. I have found if one understands why one shouldn't do something often enough people stand up and say, "This is not going to happen again!" This is my hope in writing this as well.

I believe a fully informed populace is a fully armed populace for almost anything! (Armed in the sense that 'The pen is mightier than the sword'.

I wrote before that mostly because "Most of us weren't alive to see the first one" we will tend to make all the wrong moves and by not comprehending our mistakes, accidentally create another Great Depression. This is my genuine thought on this. It totally has to do with the ignorance of  most of those alive today not having suffered through the Great Depression like my parents and grandparents did. My generation of "Baby Boomers" were constantly told by our elders not to now create another one of these Depressions that killed so many people and permanently or temporarily destroyed so many many lives worldwide. And then after that there was World War II which for many young men and women was a relief from the Great Depression because death was for many of them a better outcome than living any longer in the Great Depression. Now that is something to think About! They were the Greatest generation partly because they had no other choice! It was literally "Do or die!" And many did both.

So, this creating another Great Depression is in full swing right now by those who are ignorant of the fact that what most people are tending to do right now is to create another one! This is the sad fact all over the world.

Another important thing to realize is that the most conservative rich of the world have a vested interest in there being another Great Depression. Why you might ask? Because it will eliminate their competition worldwide! And who is their competition? Everyone in the middle and lower classes who is as intelligent or more intelligent than they are. Think about it.

Middle and lower class people are scrappers. They have to be or they wouldn't be alive at all. Whereas multi-generational conservative rich people only have to know a few things to stay rich but it really takes an all out effort for the middle class and the poor to not only get rich but to figure out how to hold on to enough of  it to make sure their progeny and theirs and theirs have a built in livelihood. And this usually takes about 100 years of learning to develop this skill multi-generationally.

So, what happens in a worldwide depression? Middle and lower class people lose everything. And who buys up all their good stuff of every kind? The rich. So who benefits from a Great Depression? The rich worldwide.

Now, it is important to realize that most rich people don't think this way, only a minority of the extremely rich. But it is a way of thinking that is thousands and thousands of years old. It is why the conservative rich were behind every war there has ever been ever on earth. Because during Depressions which often lead to wars the rich get richer during these times by being first Depression profiteers and then war profiteers.

So, it behooves everyone to be very aware when some ultra conservative rich people on earth want to do things that will assure that a Great Depression and many wars as a result over food, land and trade will ultimately result. The rest of us who think more like independents and middle class people and upper middle class people all over earth need to be aware of these kinds of motivations. Because it is the middle class and poor worldwide who are on the  chopping block, not the conservative ultra wealthy worldwide right now.

So, much of the advertisements in the last elections were funded by these conservative ultra wealthy worldwide. Who paid for these advertisements in the U.S.? The ultra rich worldwide from every nation.  How was this possible? Money can change laws and all sorts of things these days. Do we still have our U.S. Democracy intact? You be the judge. Will we have another Great Depression? The answer is up to you and the people you know. If it is up to the ultra conservative rich worldwide, you know the answer is "Yes. We are going to have a Great Depression". This is how they have always made money for thousands of years now. It's nothing new if you study history.

Speaking now as a lifelong intuitive:

I would say there is no easy way forward. When I look forward through time there appears to be two paths and many variations between these two paths. There are two extremes: on one path about 10% of the worlds populations either dies or becomes to a greater or lesser degree, a refugee and a member of the walking wounded over the next 15 years. That is the best scenario that I can presently see.

However, if another Great Depression comes the outcome is incredibly worse than World War II and much more long lasting because it creates (because of the incredible volume of people presently on earth about 50% of the population of earth in the lower classes as ungovernable or dead. When that many people are basically ungovernable because of their real sense of betrayal by all governments including the United Nations it will be pretty chaotic almost everywhere for years and years to come after the initial 20 years of another Great Depression. These are the two extremes are the most likely scenarios we are looking at now. Nothing looks anything like what we have seen since World War II. That scenario only could happen that way in the 1940s because the world population then was only 2 1/2 billion at most. It is now 6.5 billion which creates completely new problems that never have been dealt with yet during a Worldwide Great Depression. It will be unimaginably awful and worse than anything ever seen on earth before if it comes.

The above is a chart from Wikipedia under the heading "world population".

One example of how the rich get richer even today is illustrated in this:
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Another article and video by the same Pulitzer Prize winning author below
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Note: As an encouragement I must say that over the years what I have noticed is that if I really don't want something I see coming to happen I write about it. Stuff that I see coming that I want to happen I don't write about it and so it comes true. So, the fact that I'm writing about all this stuff means I'm trying to give everyone a better chance for a much better future. What I'm writing about is what will happen if no one changes it now to something better. So, if you want something better than what I'm writing about do what you can to make a better world, Because without you and I changing things through prayers and physical actions the above would take place. And I for one would like something much better for Earth than what I foresaw today for you. I call what you and I are doing now "Refining the Future to a Better One for all of us By God's Grace and your good will and actions."

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