Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook etc

note: I had this tacked onto my article called "Innovation" but my wife said it really didn't directly deal with "Innovation" so I decided to make it a separate article. If you want to read innovation here it is below. Just click the word button "Innovation".


The 1980 and then the 1981 double dip recession helped create Apple Computer and Microsoft. And from the many many companies like this came eventually the internet in the late 1980s and early 1990s. From this came first Yahoo, then Google, then Ebay, then Amazon, then Facebook and all the rest of the billionaires. And from this combination came Globalization which is the main reason that the U.S. and Europe and Japan are in a terrible economic fix now. So the innovation that spawned this recession now called "The Great Recession" was microcomputers and the internet.

So, there is no way to put the genie back into the bottle so to speak. It is going to move forward and now further innovations out of not only the U.S. but from all over the world will move the world forward now at a frantic pace.

Was the U.S. naive to invent microcomputers and the internet? Only history can answer this question. However, it is my guess that the whole human race has a better chance of surviving together what the world is going through at this time because of microcomputers and the internet. This is what I think. However, now the U.S. and Europe are going to have to reinvent ourselves just like the rest of the world is right now if we want to compete and be viable in the world as it is now and not just in a world the way we would like it to be. Because that world is gone forever  now.

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