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Elohar: Aged 9

Elohar was 9 years old on the first 9-11 timeline in what we call today Switzerland only she lives around 7000 AD on this first time line. We live on the second timeline in which all the major civilizations of Earth were rescued from almost complete destruction by accident and mis-communication on 9-11-2001.

One day Arcane visited her father and asked her father and her to come visit his estate in another part of what we call today on the 2nd Timeline we live on, Switzerland.

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Elohar: The girl in the Forest 

However, the page you are presently on is a new one and is about Elohar aged 9 and her father Rolf and Arcane, who presently still works for the Galactic Time Guard mostly on earth as a Planetary Anthropologist and resident Planet Saver on behalf of Earth at that time around 7000 AD on the first time line.



So, Arcane as he was introduced to Elohar said, "Elohar. Your father and I are going to go to my estate on a beautiful mountain lake. Would you like that?"



Elohar said since it was presently summer time, "May I go swimming in your lake?" 



Arcane said, "If it is warm enough, okay."


Elohar said, "Daddy. Daddy. I want to go swimming. Let's go!"


So, Arcane got on his solar powered one man helicopter and Elohar's Daddy got on his family three seater solar powered helicopter and both copters took off for Arcane's lake and estate.


Note: If you click on "Elohar: The girl in the Forest" button above I have a section that explains how a one and two man helicopter is constructed and powered and how it is a sentient form of Artificial Intelligence that can fly itself even if you can't in an emergency or if you are incapacitated or compromised in some way. end note.


Since there were very few paved roads anywhere on this timeline, flying was the easiest way to get 50 to 100 miles or less quickly. 


So, the three of them on their two helicopters stayed close enough to talk to each other and since they are electric they are quiet enough to hold a conversation between the two of them even if they were not wearing microphones and earphones on each copter in order to facilitate communication between copters and the ground if necessary. 


Little 9 year old Elohar loved flying. She had grown used to it and since her father loved flying too, she had become relatively fearless in regard to her families solar powered helicopter just as you are used to riding with people in cars and trucks all your life too and don't think twice about it unless the weather is bad or there is too much wind or something like that. 


So, as they flew up to Arcane's estate which at that time is one of the oldest estates known on earth that has been untouched by the ravages of the 2000s. Elohar spied a Castle there and was amazed that something like this still existed, as she had only heard of things like this on her computer that she used for school like a book of many many books contained therein.


Luckily, when they landed it was still warm enough for Elohar to go swimming. All three of them donned the swimwear acceptable in that era of time, even though Elohar found that she liked best just wading and looking at dragonflies coming out from under the rocks  climb up onto the rocks and unfurl their wings and fly away while wading the best. She always had been amazed by dragonflies and this was the first time she learned that they lived underwater until they came out onto rocks or logs and unfurled their wings and flew away to mate. She was amazed by dragonflies and it occupied her dreams for some time watching them.


Meanwhile, Arcane said to her father, Rolf: "Rolf, you have been my student for some time now. You know one of my other names is "Saint Germain" and you have raised Elohar like I asked you to as a favor to me as your teacher. Now I want to ask another favor of you." 


Rolf looked a little nervous and said, "I trust you implicitly Saint Germain but please because it is my daughter won't you tell me what it is before I make any more promises?"


Saint Germain(Arcane) said, "Of course, Rolf. I just want to take you and Elohar to the 2nd Timeline."


Rolf Said, "There's a second timeline?" 


Saint Germain said, "Yes, Rolf. But no one knows about it in either timeline right now. You and I are the only ones on either time line that know much about it at this point. Elohar is pivotal in 'discovering' this timeline in the future, but no one can know about this until she is college age. Do you understand?"


Rolf said, "It's a hard secret to keep, Saint Germain, but I will do as you ask. When are we going to the 2nd timeline?


Saint Germain said,"Let's get a good rest tonight so we are all fresh and we will go tomorrow."


Rolf: "Should I say anything to Elohar?"


Saint Germain: "No. I don't want her to think she is going to another timeline. The three of us will hold hands and then we will all be in another timeline. My estate exists on both timelines so it looks exactly the same both places. I designed it this way."


Rolf's eyes grew big and he thought he was going to faint at all the implications of this but he held his ground and stayed conscious through this explanation.


As Saint Germain promised Rolf, he and his daughter woke up in adjoining rooms high in the castle to the sunlight coming in their windows. As they wandered downstairs for breakfast, Arcane (Saint Germain) already had breakfast ready for them. It was as if he knew exactly when they would get up an come without waking them. After breakfast and morning ablutions and preparing Arcane invited the father and daughter to join him sitting on the rug.


Elohar said, "Are we going to play some sort of game?"


Arcane said, "We're going to play a pretend game."


Elohar said, "Which one is that?"


Arcane said, "We're going to pretend that outside of my estate that everything has changed and so when we leave it you are going to tell me everything that seems different, okay?"


Elohar looked into ARcane and said, "Will it really be different?"


Arcane said, "Today is a magical day. I think today it will be different since the day is magic. So you tell your father and I all the differences you can see. Okay?


Elohar thought she might like this game but wondered (because after all she was already 9) how could everthing be different?


So, as they walked out the door she looked up and saw a jet and since they were playing a game she said, "That's different. What's that?"


Arcane said, "In this magic world there are planes in the sky that fly people around. It is like a large ship in the sky like you have seen in the Cote D'azure (French Rivera)


Elohar said, "Oh. You mean it's like a big Helicopter or private Plane?"


Arcane said, "Yes. Only in this magic world there are bigger planes that carry hundreds of people at once."


Elohar said, "This can't be happening. I'm not a little baby you know. This isn't right."


Elohar saw her father and he was turning very pale and white. She was suddenly worried that he was sick and ran to his side and said, "Daddy. Daddy! Are you okay? Are you sick?"


Rolf said, "This magic world is too much for me too, Dear."


Arcane looked at the two of them and said, "Why don't we go back inside again, okay?


Elohar and Rolf nodded but then Rolf saw Arcane's Porsche there and it was just too much for him and he had to sit  down rather quickly.


After the three of them went back inside Arcane's castle he had them sit in his large spacious living room on the first floor of the castle on couches. Then Arcane paced around trying to figure out how to deal with Elohar's and Rolf's extreme form of PTSD in being suddenly thrust into a new timeline.


He realized that he was going to have to erase both their memories anyway (which he had been trained to do as a Galactic Anthropologist for the Galactic Time Guard and to just tell them the truth, take them to the second timeline places they needed to see and then bring them back here and erase these memories before it damaged their connections to the first timeline. This was what he was going to have to do to accomplish his ends.


His real purpose was to make Elohar feel as comfortable in the 2nd timeline as she was in the first timeline. He needed her to feel that both timelines were her home times because she was going to spend as much of her life in the 2nd timeline as she was the first where she was born.


So, he just decided to tell them everything and later just remove the outward memory of the 2nd timeline so that Elohar could be comfortable as an adult in both timelines from a subconscious place. She would feel at home both places without remembering the 2nd timeline outwardly.


So, he stopped pacing the floor and just said to both of them, "We are in a second timeline."


Rolf said, "But I thought you said--"


Arcane held up his hand for silence and then said, "Elohar I need you to know about the second timeline we are now in. But it will be like a dream that you will eventually awaken from. And then you will feel comfortable in both timelines. Okay?"


Elohar said, "I don't believe in two time lines."


Rolf smiled at the mastery of his master Saint Germain and said, "Neither do I?"


Arcane smiled at this. This was going to be interesting.



Arcane motioned out the front door to his 2010 Porsche Cayenne SUV parked outside and said, "Let's go get in my imaginary 2010 Porsche Cayenne parked outside."


Little Elohar's response, "But that's 5000 years ago!"


Arcane said, "Exactly."


Arcane asked Rolf if he could sit in front with Elohar.


Rolf Said, "Sure. If you think it will help her future when she's an adult here in this time."


Arcane said, "Yes. I do. Thanks."


Elohar felt a little uncomfortable sitting in the front as it seemed to her that adults should be sitting there, not her.


Arcane said, "So, Elohar. Is what we are moving in imaginary?"


Elohar said, "I don't know, Arcane. I've never seen a thing that looks exactly like this before."


Arcane said, "Yes. That's because it was made like you said 5000 years ago on the 2nd time line and you live 5000 years later on the 1st timeline."


Elohar said, "I still don't believe that there is such a thing as two time lines!"


Arcane heard the plaintive quality in her voice and didn't want to drive her over the edge. He looked in the mirror for help from her father, Rolf.


Rolf said, "Elohar, honey, I studied about these kinds of things, I think this one was called an SUV in the United States back then even though it was made nearby in Germany."


Elohar said, "What's Germany?"


Rolf said, "In 2010 there were mostly Swiss Germans, Swiss French, and Swiss Italians that lived here when it was called Switzerland."


Elohar said, "Oh." She really wasn't sure about any of this stuff. It was sort of all news to her. Then she thought about something. "Does this car have intelligence? I mean is it sentient like our helicopters? Can I talk to it?"


Arcane said, "It's not exactly like that yet but that will be coming soon on this time line in almost all cars."


Elohar sounded a little disappointed. But then thought of a question. "Where are we going Arcane?"


Rolf, her father suddenly agreed, "Yes. Where ARE we going Arcane?"


Arcane smiled, "We are going to my plane and then we will fly to California in the U.S."


Elohar looked horrified because on her time there weren't any civilized people there mostly. She said, "I don't want to be eaten by the Crazies".


Arcane laughed and said, "It isn't like that on this timeline, Elohar."


Elohar wasn't convinced but she decided to be brave and said, "Oh."



She knew no car like this existed in her time and she knew roads paved like this also didn't exist mostly in her time either. Most roads were either dirt or rocked with crushed rocks and that's all which was why it was more convenient to fly in a helicopter if the weather permitted than take a long time to get somewhere on dirt or crushed rock roads. So, she had to admit they might not be on their own timeline to be driving in this car on paved roads, and look at the cowbells on those cows. She really decided that she was not in her time because there were no longer cows like that around in her timeline. So, these cows with cowbells finally convinced her. So she turned to Arcane and said, "Can we listen to some music?"


Arcane said, "I'm not sure you would like all the music of this era. Your ears and mind and emotions aren't tuned to it or used to what passes for music now.


Elohar said, "Let me hear some anyway."


Arcane started with some classical music as they were used to this kind first. Elohar being a musician herself said, "That's Bach isn't it?"


Arcane said, "Yes. Now let's try some Lady Gaga."


Arcane turned on the CD player and Elohar said, "What kind of music is this?"


Arcane said, "This might be called popular music of this era."


Elohar said, "Well. It's wierd but I like it somehow."


Arcane said, "Most of the kids your age of this era like it too."


Rolf said, "Wow. This is really strange isn't it."


Arcane nodded.


Soon, they reached  the Zurich Airport where Arcane's private business jet was parked. His pilot was there to grab their bags and put them on the plane. Rolf felt very out of place in clothes from the 70th century. He said to Arcane, "Doesn't he notice how differently we are all dressed?"


Arcane said, "He's from your timeline. So he knows and understands. Anyone else is used to all kinds of  strange dress from all over the world. They will just think you are artists or musicians or eccentric or something. There are almost 7 billion people on earth now."


Rolf whistled for there were only about 10 to 20 million civilized people on his whole planet in his era of time. All the rest were mutants and didn't usually live past 20 or 30 years of age at most.


Rolf Said, "Are all those 7 billion civilized?"


Arcane said, "Pretty much. But there are still wars."


Rolf shuddered because wars had been eliminated pretty much among the civlized of his timeline.


The plane took off and flew to Paris to pick up a friend and business associate of Arcane's.


Elohar said, "Where's California?", as they landed as she hadn't heard of it before.


Arcane stared at her for a moment and said, "Your son from your last lifetime lives there."


Elohar felt cold. She didn't know why.


She said, "My son from a previous lifetime. What does that mean?"


Arcane said, "It means you lived before in another body on this timeline and were alive from 1919 until 2008 until you were almost 90 years old."


Elohar said, "Boy. That's really old."


Arcane couldn't help but laughing at this point as he was thousands of years old at this point in his life on multiple planets. He sighed at just how innocent and yet gifted she was. He wished he could let her and Rolf remember all this but knew he couldn't. It would spoil what had to take place in the future. Well. C'est La Vie! or (That's Life!) or literally (it is life). It took him back to being the Comte De Saint Germain a long time ago now and spending a lot of time with Royalty there in Paris in the 18th Century. But that was a long time ago  now-----.


As they were flying Saint Germain(Arcane) thought to himself, "How can I best make her subconscious mind comfortable with the 2nd timeline?" Finally, he had it! He would fly commercial on KLM from  Paris to San Francisco. That was it! That was the key.


As they were traveling Arcane(Saint Germain) noticed that Rolf seemed kind of pale like he was in some sort of shock. As he looked deeper into Rolf he saw that Rolf was terrified of the actuality of a 2nd timeline where all the billions had not died. It was as if he had a terrible case of Survivor's guilt for all his ancestors that didn't make it back in 2001 on his time line.


Arcane tried to talk to Rolf as a way of shoring up his mind and subconscious mind and cellular mind. note:(A Cellular mind is the individual and group consciousness stored in every cell whether it be human, animal, plant or even an amoeba or algae). So, in a human being it is the consciousness of what all the cells in a body together might actually think is going on any given moment. Though most cells are not associated with seeing with the eyes, they all benefit directly or indirectly from what the eyes on a human or animal see. end note.


So, one of the first lines of defense of the cellular consciousness within any physical body from going into shock and either throwing up and passing out is a sense of cellular well being. This has more to do with the complete life history of what has happened to each of those cells since first coming into existence than any other single factor.


So, Saint Germain said to Rolf, "Stand up, Rolf. I need to crack your back. One of your vertabrae is out and is causing a nerve pinch in your spine."


Rolf said, "What?" As he had never had a request like this from anyone, let alone his master teacher Saint Germain.


But Rolf understood that Saint Germain saw what bad shape he was in and was trying to fix him so he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of his daughter. He had to stay strong for his daughter or she might lose it.


Elohar said, "Saint Germain?"


Arcane(Saint Germain) said, "Yes. Elohar."


Elohar: "Would you crack me back too?"


Arcane: "Sure if it's okay with your Dad."


Rolf said, "Let me fix my back first dear. I'm not feeling very well. I've never flown in a big Jet before."


Elohar said, "Neither have I. That's because they don't exist in our time line anymore except in books."


So, Saint Germain said, "Stand with your back to me, Rolf."


Rolf did as he was told and as they locked arms and Saint Germain cracked Rolf's back he also altered his cellular, subconscious and conscious awareness simaltaneously. So, Rolf immediately felt the difference and felt like a new man.


Elohar said, "My turn. Daddy!"


Rolf was to altered right then to say no so he just nodded while his whole being and physical awareness regrouped in his body and mind and consciousness.



So, for Saint Germain this was an unexpected boon. He would be able to alter her awareness for a lifetime because of this one move. He knew both time lines desperately needed this. So he did.


As the 9 year old girl and Saint Germain started locking arms Saint Germain went back to what happened to him when he was around this age and was first recognized as a planet saver on his home planet, New Deva about 1,000,000 years into the future. The Oracle of his planet did something like this for him as well. As they locked arms he said to Elohar, "Can you hear me?" with his mind directed at Elohar." She said audibly, "Yes."


Rolf said, "Yes. What, Elohar?"


Elohar said in all innocense, "I'm talking to Saint Germain in my mind."


Rolf said, "I do that all the time, dear."


Elohar said, "Does he answer you, Daddy?"


Rolf Said, "All the time dear."


Elohar said, "So it's okay if I talk to him too?"


Rolf Said, "He's your teacher too if you choose him, Elohar."


Elohar said, "Well. I choose Saint Germain along with Jesus to be my teachers, Daddy."


Rolf said, "Good choice, my dear."


So this began a lifetime conversation between Elohar and Saint Germain. She found she could ask him anything and he would be there. It didn't really matter what time or space he was actually physically in. He would find a way to communicate with her instantly all throughout the rest of her life from Age 9.


At this exact moment, Elohar's mother, Christina called Rolf on her communication device from the first time line. Rolf said, "How could Christina be calling me from the other timeline?"


Saint Germain said, "I have a galactic interface that allows this with my communication devices so people can contact me from either time line at any time."


The hair stood up on the back of Rolf's neck as he forced himself not to pass out with this new knowledge. 


Christina said, "Is Elohar all right? Where are you. You feel like you are a million miles away."


Rolf was circumspect and said, "We flew the copters to Arcane's place."


Christina said, "Oh. You flew the copters to your college professor's place. Was Elohar scared?"


Rolf "No. She's fine. She got to swim in his lake and we stayed in his castle."
Christina said, "I wish I was able to get time off from the hospital."


Rolf Said, "I do too." Christina was a doctor in residence, a young doctor in training at a hospital near where they live in what we call on this timeline "Switzerland" in 2010 on the 2nd timeline. So, Christina was usually very busy training and becoming a doctor.  Rolf was a PHD candidate in international relations and training to be a Galactic Liaison to Arcane for the interface between Earth governments and Galactic Governments. So he had a slight more free time than his wife. Both were exceptional both intuitively and intellectually gifted as you can see.


Christina's intuition was firing off and she said, "I'm off work and training for the day. Why don't I come and join you?"


Though Saint Germain had not expected this contingency he was usually prepared in one way or another for any anomaly.  He said, "Tell her I'm coming to get her."


Rolf looked scared. Christina though very developed intuitively and intellectually was not Saint Germain's student the way Rolf was, (at least yet).


Christina felt Rolf's unease and said, "Is everything okay, Rolf?"


Rolf said, "Pretty much. But I think I should let you talk to Saint Germain so he can fill in the details."


Saint Germain hadn't considered the necessity of bringing on Christina as a student yet but it was obviously what the universe wanted so he just went with it.


"HI Christina." He said.


Christina: "Hi. Professor Saint Germain." A worried sound was in her voice.


Saint Germain: "Did you know I also work as a liaison between the Galactic Government and Earth Governments and that Rolf is in training to become my personal Liaison?"


Christina said, "No. I didn't. What a Great Honor it will be for the whole family."


Christina was really into upward social mobility.


Saint Germain said, "I'm coming to get you using a Galactic device so you won't have to waste time traveling. Is that okay?"


Christina said, "Will it hurt to do this and will I still be able to have other children after this?"



Saint Germain laughed and said, "It's from Earth about 1,000,000 years into the future."


Christina got scared. "You mean there actually is time travel?"


Saint Germain said, "Yes. But I will have to erase that from you mind eventually because that can't be known. You understand this, right?"


Christina said, "Well. I'd rather be alive to raise my daughter and live with my husband so, Yes, I understand. So you are coming for me? What should I expect?


Saint Germain: "You should expect a Green sphere about 8 feet in diameter right next to you with me in it."

Christina was a very brave woman and she definitely needed to get to her daughter right now. Nothing was going to stop her!


Saint Germain said, "Here I come."


Christina said, "Okay."


Bam! There it was like he said and Christina felt a little faint because this wasn't supposed to be possible. As a doctor healing people she became angry that all the potentialities for time travel in saving lives hadn't been used.


When she looked at Saint Germain she said, "Why isn't time travel used for saving lives?"


Saint Germain looked at Christina, felt sorry for her pain, and said, "It's just too dangerous. Think about it!"


Christina said, "So, the danger of time travel is its misuse."


Saint Germain said, "It's the most dangerous single thing ever invented in the universe. It's not safe enough to use just for healing any species of beings!"


Christina said, "More dangerous than Nuclear weapons?"


Saint Germain laughed in a way that scared Christina as a Doctor and healer and said, "Christina. You are very young. Do you know how old I am?"


Christina said, "About 45?"


Saint Germain said, "I'm actually by the years I have actually lived in this body, 4,052 years old."


Christina went white and passed out because either Saint Germain was crazy or this was the truth. Either way it was not something that she could cope with in this moment.


Saint Germain chose that moment to take Christina to her daughter and husband.


Poof! The unconscious Christina appeared on the floor of Saint Germain's private jet sitting  on the ground at the Airport in Paris. 


Rolf said, "Is she okay?"


Saint Germain said, "The shift was too great for her."


"Elohar do you trust me?"


Elohar said, "What's wrong with Mommy?"


Saint Germain said,"She doesn't believe in two timelines or Time travel either I'm afraid, Elohar. So your Daddy and you and I have to make her feel better. Do you remember when I cracked you Daddy's back?"

Elohar said, "You mean when I talked to you in my mind?"


Saint Germain said, "Yes. I need you to talk to your Mommy's mind the way I talked to your mind, okay?"


Elohar began doing this.


Christina woke up saying, "What do you mean we're on a 2nd time line?"


Rolf said, "Elohar's right. We're on a second timeline where the 9-11 didn't accidentally destroy most of the surface of earth."


Christina was suddenly quite sober. She said, "I became a doctor because of studying this in history. Did you know that, Rolf?"


Rolf and Elohar shook their heads.


Christina then said, "Well. If this is true. Where are we now?"


Rolf said, "Look around you. We are on the 2nd timeline in 2010  and we just landed our jet in  Paris."


Christina said, looking angrily at Saint Germain. "Then Saint Germain needs to take us to the Eiffel Tower." And so he did.


They hopped in a Taxi and since Saint Germain had spoken Fluent French since the 1500s when he was Sir Francis Bacon in England and then Prince Ragocy (many spellings of Ragocy) of Translyvania, and then The Comte De Saint Germain(the Historical Man Who Never Died) who knew Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. Though he tried to save their lives and create the United States of Europe like he helped create The United States of America he failed in this until the European Union was established. 


Christina talked the group into taking a bus tour of Paris and one of the stops was a tour of the Eiffel Tower. Later the took a night tour boat on the River Seine. It was a very beautiful boat ride with the city lights with about 100 tourists. Elohar was very intrigued with a group of girls from Russia that seemed to be in love with Paris as the sang together love songs about Paris on the stern of the boat as they stood at the rails and sang and talked  boisterously as the ship moved up and down the River Seine in the dark with all the city lights on the historic buildings. At one point a drunk on the banks mooned the boat and laughed an insipid laugh of accomplishment.


The amazing thing to Rolf and Christina was the attitude of people in Paris. There was none of the extreme melancholy of their culture that came from almost all people being incinerated in the world in 2001.  They realized that the world used to be a much happier place without the extreme survivor's guilt of their era. To be healthy and normal was normal for this time line. Whereas to be healthy and normal and educated or even having the capacity to BE educated was possible for less than 1% of the remaining humans alive in the 70th century of the first time line. So, for Rolf and Christina the boisterousness of the 15 year old Russian girls made them cry in happiness that such a thing still existed at least on this time line.


Elohar said, "Mommy. Why are you crying?" 


Christina said, "I'm happy to be in Paris, dear. I'm grateful that it exists at least here on this time line."


Elohar said, "I'm happy too, Mommy."


Rolf heard this as tears found their way slowly down his cheeks. It was interesting to him that he was safe here even though he didn't speak French. Though the language of his time was a combination of German, French, Italian and Spanish mostly (with many new words thrown in that were not here in 2010 on the second time line) he could pick up about 1 or 2 words in 10 that were vaguely familiar to him even from the 70th Century on first time line.


As they reached Saint Germain's Condo in Paris, Christina remarked, "This building says it was built in the 1400s!" Saint Germain said, "Oh yes. I've owned it continuously since the late 1500s during Elizabeth, the first's reign in England!"


Christina thought she was going to throw up at this revelation but somehow got control of herself.  In her mind she said, "I think this man has been a diplomat on Earth since the 1500s. Why couldn't he stop the accidental nuclear war."


Saint Germain heard Christina's thoughts and said,"I don't ordinarily do this but in order for you to have peace I want to tell you something. The Galaxy doesn't allow interference in specific time lines of a given planet or civilization. However, since this planet does not have a Non-Interference Agreement with the Galaxy like the nuclear exploded planet of the Asteroid Belt did, the Earth wasn't allowed to be blow up completely like Maldek was. So, the humans of Earth may own their time line but not their planet. In other words they aren't allowed to blow it up. It simply won't be permitted."


Rolf and Christina looked at each other. And Rolf always the diplomat in training said, "Who is the legal owner of the time line?"


Saint Germain said, "That is an excellent question, Rolf. The legal Owner of the time line was the Time Traveling General's Soul who rescued the survivors of Maldek and Mars and brought them to Earth after the Asteroid hit in the Gulf of Mexico from the explosion of Maldek which killed all the large dinosaurs. This made earth safe enough for humanoids to colonize at that point."


Rolf "What? I mean who on Earth owns it now?"


Saint Germain thought about how much Christina's and Rolf's minds could stand of this, especially since he would have to erase all this and let them have dreams about it the rest of their lives but without the certainty of physical awareness of the reality eventually. He finally said, "When the Time Traveling General reincarnated as a human of earth approximately 40,000 to 50,000 years ago the leader of the Galactic Government made him what is called "His Oneness".


Rolf Said, "What's that?"


Saint Germain said, "His Oneness, is a designation of the leader of a Galactic Satellite Government sanctioned by the present Galactic Sentience of that time Epoch."


"Where is this "His Oneness" now?" said Rolf.


Saint Germain looked at the three in the Swiss family of the 1st timeline and said, "Have you ever heard of Shambhala?"


Christina who was a student of all things mystical, said, "I have. It has something to do with Tibetan Buddhism, I think."


Saint Germain said, "Yes. But it is more ancient than that both in reality and in concept. Yogis who were allowed to visit there brought the information back to their students over thousands of years. But technically speaking since we are all scientists or potential scientists here (as he nodded to Elohar who acted very flattered at this) what Shambhala actually is is a consciously generated dimension in which no one can die (because the physical rules of birth and death don't apply). In other words one of the parameters of this dimension is that it is permanently attached to earth as it travels the Universe and it has three basic connecting points to the Earth realm. One connecting point is Mt. Kailash in Tibet. The Second connecting point is the Gobi Desert. And the third connecting point is Mt. Shasta which is its library to all on Earth and it is to Mt. Shasta that I want to take you now."


Rolf said, "Why Mt. Shasta and not Mt. Kailash or the Gobi Desert?"


Saint Germain said, "Well. Elohar is here to see her son from a previous life. She will only gaze upon him for a moment. But that will allow her as an intuitive to completely understand both who he is and who she was. This awareness will grow in her as she grows up. And Mt. Shasta is his personal spiritual home in this 2010 lifetime and he is one of  His Oneness' spokesmen here on Earth in this time line."


Rolf said, "Will we get to meet 'His Oneness'?"


Saint Germain said, "Though he is presently watching our incursion into this time line I'm not sure at this point."


Rolf said, "When will you know?"


Saint Germain said, "I'll know if he shows up.  This is how it is."


Christina and Rolf were stunned but Elohar said, "Wow! This is really fun! I feel like I'm in a movie or something!"


Christina said, "I'm glad you're having fun, dear." However, Christina realized that there was an ominousness to all this. As a very intelligent doctor she couldn't figure out how Saint Germain could let them remember any of this when they returned to their time line. If this knowledge got out it would upset just too many people. So, secretly she knew they wouldn't be allowed to remember any of this. She just knew it. And this made her feel kind of ill in wondering how he was going to erase all this from all their minds and of what would be left behind. Would they dream about this? Would it all be completely gone? She finally realized she just had to enjoy this and let all that go. Rolf was just as intelligent as she was. He probably knew this too. She tried to let it all go and just enjoy the moment.


Rolf seemed to sense her distress and took her aside for a moment. He said, "Tell me what's wrong?"


Christina had a wild look in her eyes. "Will we be allowed to remember any of this?"


Rolf said, "Our Daughter Elohar is to 'discover' this time line as a government intuitive of our time line. She is instrumental in helping create this time line's existence as well in the future. This time line exists that we are on now because of what Saint Germain is doing with Elohar and us right now. We won't be allowed to remember and we will only experience this in our dreams. But Elohar will change the future of earth or should I say the past, present and future of Earth with Saint Germain's help. He is grooming our daughter to be the Adviser and Intuitive to King Interlakken in the establishment of this time line."


Christina's face turned white with distress and joy. "You mean she allows this to be possible?"


Rolf said, "With Saint Germain's help, Yes!"


Christina said, "Oh my God!"


 Rolf said, "Yes. And God too!"


Christina: "Then our sacrifice is nothing if it helps this world exist again without the nuclear holocaust of 2001."


Rolf nodded and they both hugged each other in the full understanding of what this all meant to the human race on earth on the second time line.


Rolf Said, "Even though none of them may know about the 1st time line, I say 'Good'. They won't have to suffer the way our time line has. They may suffer in different ways, but at least they won't suffer in our ways."


Christina nodded. She was going to be okay now.


As they boarded a KLM plane and giving Elohar the left window seat, you may wonder how they all boarded without real ID's. Well. Since Saint Germain is a United Nations Diplomat on top of everything else in 2010 (he doesn't go by Saint Germain by the way) so having diplomatic passports created isn't really very hard at his level. Besides, if he wanted to he could do an Obi-Wan-Kenobi or "You don't need to see their papers. These aren't the droids you want" or something like that.


Elohar was wondering why the sun stayed right above the earth just before sunset for so very long. Saint Germain explained to her that because in traveling in this direction over the polar route from Europe to San Francisco they were moving  towards the sun which reduced the speed of the earth as far as the plane was concerned by about 500 plus miles per hour, so this greatly slowed down how fast the sun could set because it could only set at 500 miles per hour of earth spin instead of the normal 1000 miles per hour of earth spin.



Elohar answered, "Oh." to this question. She understood perfectly what Saint Germain had said but just like being on the second time line she still thought it was weird that the sun set so very very slowly. However, she did like looking down at the snow and ice so far north where almost no one lived before the sun set finally behind the earth. Eventually, they all landed in San Francisco and had to go through U.S. Customs. There was a Limousine there waiting for them as well. 


Saint Germain asked everyone, "Would you rather see San Francisco or hop on a rental jet and fly directly to Redding?" They all wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  All of them.  Rolf Said, "Because it was melted on our time line in the nuclear blasts and whatever was left eventually rusted away within a few hundred years of no civilization. 


So, the limousine took them to park at the far end of the bridge and they all walked the length of the Bridge as tourists.


Saint Germain asked Elohar in her mind as they walked along the Golden Gate Bridge with the other tourists, walkers and joggers, "Did you like seeing all the people in Paris and on the Public flight from Paris to San Francisco?"


Elohar said, "The people all seemed so happy. They weren't as sad as in my time."


Saint Germain said, "It's because the world wasn't destroyed on their time line. Though there have been wars like World War I and II and Korea and Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the last of which is still going on now, there have been many more things to be happy and grateful for than not."


Elohar said, "Oh. You mean there is a war going on now? How can that be?"


Saint Germain felt the little girl's horror at this because there were no large wars on her time line ever allowed to come to be and said, "Everything is different on this time line. We prevent wars on your time line because of the 2001 Holocaust. Remember, Elohar, Billions of people had to die within a few months to prevent any further wars with technology to exist."


Elohar said, "OH. I guess that makes sense."


Saint Germain said, "I'm training you to help make this time line possible."


Elohar said, "That doesn't make any sense, Saint Germain."


Saint Germain said, "It will."


Elohar knew she had a lot to learn and just let it all go for now. But there was something rather ominous to what he was saying, she realized.


Suddenly, Saint Germain turned to the group and said, "Remember how you wanted to meet His Oneness?"


Rolf said, "Yes" in an expectant way.


Saint Germain: "Well. It turns out he will meet us in Mt. Shasta."


Rolf said, "In the little city of Mt. Shasta or the mountain."


Saint Germain looked at Rolf and said, "You're familiar with this area then?"


"When I looked at your history in computer records, Saint Germain, there is a legendary Saint Germain that is associated with this mountain and the little City there in this time period of Earth. Knowing you, I assumed it was you."


Saint Germain answered, "Yes. The legends and religions are about me. But remember there are true things that happen and then there are always rumors about those true things as well. So if you have any questions about what actually is real I can set you straight."


Rolf said, "I don't know enough for that to be an issue I'm afraid."


Saint Germain smiled, "You know a lot more than you think already, Rolf."


Rolf smiled.


"Just a moment. I need to talk to the Jesuit, our driver about something."Said Saint Germain. 


At that moment the group realized fully that the driver of the limousine was also the pilot of Saint Germain's private jet from Switzerland to Paris. They wondered how he got so quickly to San Francisco without them. They were soon to find out.


After they all got into the limousine Saint Germain leaned forward and said, "Padre. We need to go instantly to the top of Everette Memorial Hiway on Mt. Shasta."


The Padre said, "Do you want to go to the overlook or down where the trail leads to upper Panther Meadows and the Sacred Spring?"


Saint Germain said, "I need the overlook this time."


As this was done the residents of the car wondered what was going on and made conversation.


Christina said, "Why is our driver called Padre?"


Saint Germain said, "Well. I met him in the late  1700s  when I was The Comte.  De Saint Germain through Marie Antoinette."


Christina said, "You knew her? What was she like?"


Saint Germain said, "The Padre was her spiritual adviser. So when I met her and she realized I was someone spiritually gifted like her Padre she introduced us. Because he was so gifted I trained him as my first assistant during those times. I found him to be sufficiently gifted and adaptable to the point where he was inducted as member of the Galactic Time Guard assigned to Earth. He has also maintained my living quarters in Paris on and off ever since down through the centuries."


Rolf said, "But he has also been alive since the 1700s non-stop?


Saint Germain said, "Yes."


Christine said, "But what was Marie Antoinette like?"


Saint Germain looked a little sad.


"I liked her a lot. I think the word "precious" in a very naive sort of way would be the best to describe her. She was kept in a sort of ivory tower in the sense that she wasn't really told how bad the average French citizen had it so it made her sort of otherworldly in this sense. But this was also true of most upper class ladies in France at that time as well. It was just the way things were done. It isn't like now or even in your times in Switzerland at all. I wanted to save her life but I was unable to by Galactic Law. But I was able to duplicate her body in her cave Grotto in Versailles and take that duplicate body to Shambhala because even though she was very politically naive she was very spiritually developed at the same time."


Elohar said, "So she didn't really die?"


Saint Germain said, "Well. Sometimes I'm allowed through time manipulation to save certain souls even though they appear to die. There are very precise rules I live and work under as a Galactic Time Guard anthropologist and Planet Saver assigned to Earth."


Rolf said, "What's a Planet Saver?"


Saint Germain said, "Well. You have a World Savior like Jesus and then you have a Planet Saver like myself. In Jesus' case he lived a very short life and his blessings and ideas saved all who became Christians and believed in him. Then you have someone like myself who is also very gifted spiritually and intellectually but has a very different purpose. By the way I don't compare myself to Jesus in any way. But a planet saver lives a very long time in order to technologically and spiritually make sure a planet is not destroyed by any means internally or externally. In other words a Planet Saver literally will do whatever is necessary to prevent complete destruction of a planet and of its life waves of species.


Christina said, "Did you save Switzerland after the 2001 holocaust?"


Saint Germain said, "One of my homes was in Switzerland so it was emotionally hard for me but I decided that I was the only one capable of bringing back civilization. It took me about 3000 years to get civilization in Switzerland back to where it was about in 1500. So it wasn't until 5000 AD that it started to become like 1500 AD Europe once again.



Rolf said, "But you weren't there all the time were you?"


Saint Germain: "No. I came in and out as a sort of Shaman or Merlin kind of figure to the masses. I had my King Arthur kinds of leaders that I put in place to stabilize the growing civilization there."


Rolf said,"So if it weren't for you we would all still be in the dark ages?"


Saint Germain: "Pretty much."


Christina and Elohar's eyes got very big at this point.


Then Elohar realized they were high on a mountain and jumped out of the car and ran over to see the view thousands of feet below.


She ran around and said, "It's beautiful! It's Beautiful!"


The three adults walked over to the beautiful view and smiled at Elohar's excitement.


Since for the moment they were alone on this platform where the old Ski Lodge had once been built in the 1950s and long since torn down when the lifts were destroyed in an avalanche, Saint Germain spread his arms and the green sphere appeared.


Then he said, "Step inside folks. It's going to be a little cramped but let's hold hands. I find that works the best to keep all parts of all bodies inside the 8 foot in diameter sphere. Oh, the sphere tells me it will grow to 10 feet in diameter for this group. That will be easier."


As he said this they suddenly found themselves inside Mt. Shasta.



They were greeted by a 6 foot tall man with Golden brown Shoulder length hair in royal robes with a spiritual flame visible starting between his eyes and traveling up his forehead. The flame was green and the three who hadn't seen this before found it kind of eerie to witness. Also he glowed like they might have imagined Jesus would.


He said, "Greetings to you all. I welcome you here to Mt. Shasta, our Lemurian library."


Saint Germain said, "I came as soon as I could, Your Oneness."


His Oneness said, "I was watching you and wondering if and when it would be appropriate to meet Elohar and her family. Did you know, Elohar, that you will come visit me when you are an adult when I lived on Earth in Lemuria about 40,000 to 50,000 years ago now?


Elohar's mouth was open and she couldn't resist asking him a question: "Why do you have green fire burning up your forehead?"


His Oneness laughed and said, "All the Onenesses of all the Galactic Satellite planets have this. It means you own the Time lines of that planet. It's common knowledge among all Galactic Citizens. Part of my duty is to rescue Galactic Citizens who get into trouble here on earth when they visit here from other places and times."


Elohar said, "Oh. Can I touch your flame or would it burn me?"


This made her parents nervous but His Oneness said, "No. It won't burn you but I must tell you that you never will be the same if you do."



Saint Germain put each of his hands on Rolf and Christina to hold them back from saying anything. They too realized Elohar was stepping into her new role and beginning to be an adult just like when she chose Saint Germain and Jesus to be her teachers.


Elohar gingerly walked forward and His Oneness bent down on one knee so she could touch his flame.


Rolf and Christina were scared and wanted to cry out when the flame consumed their daughter and she turned into green flame for a moment. But somehow they kept their silence as they knew what this meant to the 2nd time line.


Elohar said, "Wow! That made me feel like I know everything!"


His Oneness said, "You do. It will just take some time to assimilate everything you now have access too." He handed her a flat rock that she could hold in her hand.


He said, "Put this under your pillow and it will begin to engram your mind with all the Lemurian knowledge of Earth and all the stars and planets humans lived upon before coming to Earth."


Elohar was completely entranced like she was a princess in a movie. Her parents noticed just how otherworldly the look was on her face now. They knew for better or for worse she had just become an adult in some ways right there before their eyes at 9 years of age.




Saint Germain signaled His Oneness of Lemuria that he wanted to "Stop Time" so they could have a private conference. So, Rolf, Christina and Elohar all appeared to "Stop in time" so they could confer with each other.


Saint Germain said, "Your Onenesss, I'm trying to make this all work but I have realized that even if I just make them forget all this is real it is still going to affect the time and space of both timelines in a major way. What is your suggestion regarding this?"


His Oneness: "Well. It was inevitable if we were going to establish two timelines instead of one, and by the way I see at least 5 more being established just in the next 500 to 1000 years to deal with even more anomalies caused by all these ripples  in the ocean of time Galaxy wide just from establishing this second time line."


Saint Germain: "Yes. My Time Sensors told me about the 5 new anomalies in time space as well."


His Oneness: "So. There will be certain blow backs throughout all these time lines that we will need to refine but there will be no cracks in time that won't be solvable so I think it is all manageable."



Saint Germain: "Good. I was hoping for that as well. So, what I intend to do is to tell them this: 'Rolf, Christina (and I think I should leave Elohar out of this conversation of adult intent, don't you?)"


His Oneness: "This is sort of borderline in its intention and effect because as of now in some ways Elohar is a living paradox. No child has ever been allowed to touch the green flame at least on Earth before. So, she and the sentient being Earth are of one taste now because of this Oneness with me and the planet Earth's sentience throughout all time and space."



Saint Germain: "I didn't know the fullness of what just happened as I too saw it as an anomaly. I can see what you mean. So should I include her in this conversation or not?"


His Oneness: "Though she is an adult in this sense her childlike sensibilities might be compromised if you did. I think to only tell the parents and then they can share what they will with her would be the best. After all, as parents they likely are the most like her and the most sensitive to her needs and to her survival in all ways."


Saint Germain: "I agree. I find it amazing to find someone so naive and yet so naturally gifted like she is."



His Oneness: "But you and I were like this as well, each in our own ways."


Saint Germain: "But she is a female child and I feel very responsible and protective of her."


His Oneness: "I agree with you, Saint Germain, but she must be both sensitive and strong so remember how much you had to endure to get here just like I did."


Saint Germain: "You're right. Could you come with me to the future when I return them to their own time in Switzerland on the first time line?"


His Oneness: "Yes. I think now would be the best. We are the most prepared now."


So they left the family frozen in time in a sacred cave inside Mt. Shasta and went to the future when Saint Germain returned them to the first time line.


Saint Germain drove up with them again in his Porsche Cayenne SUV and His Oneness was inside Saint Germain's Castle Sitting on a very ancient Throne out of antiquity that Saint Germain had rescued before the 1st time line was incinerated in 2001.


As the family got out of the SUV Christina found that her legs were having trouble carrying her. She knew the memories would be gone or altered somehow now.



Rolf too was being very disciplined and robot like. Only Elohar seemed fairly happy in this moment. But when she saw His Oneness she ran up to him and hugged him like a dear friend or relative because only His Oneness and Saint Germain had any idea of what she now knew for sure about life on Earth past, present and future.




Saint Germain asked that the whole group hold hands in this moment. He said, "I asked His Oneness here so this was done perfectly right. "

"Managing time is as much an art as it is a science if it is done correctly. Rolf and Christina you can know what is going to happen now. Elohar cannot hear what we are saying but she is happy we are all here now. Your memories will all still be there and if you ask me about them I will tell all three of you that I shared these visions with you. So at the very least they are the most vivid dreams of your lives thus far. So we can speak about all these experiences. And you might even believe it all happened exactly like it did. However, you might tend to believe that all this was a vision or a dream that you 3 shared."

"What you tell Elohar, His Oneness and I decided that we will leave  up to you as her parents. However, be very careful what you say to her because she is now both an adult and a child combined and  comfort her in any way she might need it over the next few months regarding this information that you have just experienced. You can say you had a religious experience. You can even write a fiction book about this vision if either of you wish. But you can never tell anyone it is the exact thing that really happened. So if you write of it it will have to be some kind of utopian book or something like that. When you four go to sleep tonight your memories will all remain. That this was all lived in everyday life you will all question, however. But all three of you will know you all shared these experiences and I will vouch for them as well that I too shared these visions with you. But don't ask me if it was all real or I will have to take the memories away and I don't want to do that. Okay?


Rolf and Christina looked over at Elohar blissfully standing there and worried about their daughter. 


Saint Germain said, "She's learning something fun about the universe and it is so engrossing that her hearing for all this is tuned out completely."


Rolf and Christina sighed and Rolf said, "I think we should turn in. My family is pretty exhausted from everything. Christina nodded and Rolf led the way upstairs with Christina following his lead. Elohar seemed in her own world but started following her parents up the stairs.



His Oneness and Saint Germain waved at Elohar and Elohar waved back from the new world she now shared with His Oneness and Saint Germain.



When the group went out of sight, Saint Germain and His Oneness returned to the other time line instantly to resume their last interchange with Rolf, Christina and Elohar and unfroze their time in the cave in Mt. Shasta.



Resuming time for Rolf, Christina and Elohar, Saint Germain began, "His Oneness and I would like to take the three of you to Jonathan Flows Home Base in the Bay Area, Okay?"


Rolf, Christina were sort of trying to adjust but since they were intelligent adults and along for Elohar's ride to adulthood, Rolf said, "We're happy to see our daughter's future begin." Christina nodded but didn't quite feel the same way. Seeing one's own 9 year old daughter become a time line "discoverer" and all the disjointed things that would come from that kind of life was very unsettling for Christina, even though she knew this all would bring great open as well as secret honor to her and her family. Feeling happy and good about all this was another matter. 


So, soon they returned to the Padre at the Limousine  at the top of Everette Memorial Hiway, they walked the last few blocks on the volcanic dirt roads and over the rocks and boulders on their way down the last few hundred yards to the limo. The Padre was very honored to meet the owner of the timeline once again. They exchanged greetings. The Padre said, "I will extend the present pontiff your Greetings, Your Holiness, just as I have all the others over the centuries."



His Oneness said, "Good. May good will and brotherhood prevail through all Earth's belief systems, past, present and future."



The Padre said, "May Good Will Prevail."



As His Oneness now had changed his appearance in an instant he was garbed in 2010 clothes and looked like a well dressed American or a European Aristocratic gentleman in both dress and demeanor as he got into the limosine.


Saint Germain said to the group, "I need to visit Jonathan Flow's home area with His Oneness. You will see him in person, Elohar, for a moment though, at another location. Elohar said, "Okay". But this all didn't make a whole lot of sense to her at the moment.


So, pretty soon Saint Germain and His Oneness disappeared out of their seats which sort of creeped Christina out even though Rolf and Elohar both laughed when it happened.



Rolf Said, "It never ceases to amaze me what Saint Germain gets involved in, you know?"


Christina didn't like all this uncertainty of alternate time lines and people disappearing out of vehicles that didn't exist on her own timeline. She would be grateful when all this would be over, one way or the other.



In a moment they had reached their destination. The Padre walked Elohar up the steps, when they turned around and came down there was Jonathan Flow walking toward them for his appointment with his and his Wife's Grief Therapist. She pointed out Jonathan to the Padre who said, "That's him. Now your job, Elohar is to take a picture of his Aura in your mind. From that picture you will be able to see your previous life and your relationship with him over the years. Discovering and healing the two time lines will happen partly because of your ongoing relationship with your son over your present and past lifetimes. Do you understand all this?"


Elohar said, "I thought you were a Jesuit Priest?"


The Padre said, "Yes. I became a Jesuit Priest in the middle 1500s, Elohar. However, I'm many more things as well after traveling the Galaxy and earth  for about another 500 years. I'm presently about 1000 years old in real time. Did you know that, Elohar?"


Elohar's eyes got big. She didn't know what to do with this statement. Even being 20 years old is old to a 9 year old.


Meanwhile, His Oneness and Saint Germain drove in Saint Germain's Porsche Cayenne SUV through Jonathan Flow's affluent community near the San Francisco Bay area. You might ask what they were doing there. The world is changing and they were deciding how best to handle some of the changes on earth. This would describe what was going on between Saint Germain and His Oneness most effectively.



To look at managing the now two time lines of Earth with His Oneness as the (permanent) Time Lord of Earth and Saint Germain (Arcane) as the relatively permanent Time Manager on Earth on Behalf of the Galactic Government, both of their perspectives are quite different than we as short lived humans might imagine.


For example, His Oneness has within his perameters  literally thousands of years within his jurisdiction given by the Galactic Sentience before he is forced to make certain kinds of changes or to just leave things the way they are unless something completely unforeseen by everyone crops up unexpectedly.



Then we have Saint Germain, the recognized Multi-Galactic Saint(this just means that many Galactic Sentiences of multiple Galaxies now recognize him as a living Saint). Saint Germain's perspective is that to some degree he (as a Saint in motivation and in the expectation of the rest of the Galaxy) has Carte Blanche in regard to how he alters time for the benefit of all beings both on Earth and beyond.



However, he has to work jointly with His Oneness on many changes like the one concerning Elohar because it just has so many different types of ramifications upon Earth and so many of its cultures past, present and future on multiple time lines eventually.



So, it is important to realize that Both His Oneness and Saint Germain(Arcane) have certain parameters that they both must work within to satisfy all concerned beings. So this is why a 2nd time line wasn't just created overnight (so to speak) and had to wait through 3000 years of NEW Stone age to get to(both culturally and technologically) even where we were before in 1500 AD in Switzerland. And then by about 6000 AD they got to around the 20th Century. And now in 7000 AD they are comparable to where we might be on this time line around 3000 AD if we survive as a world culture that long and are still physically and psychologically human still. 


Of course the way things are going it is debatable whether most humans in the year 3000 AD on the 2nd time line will be either considered to be physically human or even psychologically human by that time by anyone now here on the 2nd time line in 2010 A.D.


So, it is in the best interests of ourselves and our children and our children's children etc. that we try to create the best future now, because literally the slightest or greatest thing we do likely will greatly affect the future of life on earth.


So, just as in the theoretical "Butterfly Effect" of the flapping of one butterfly's wings effecting the future of worlds, civilizations and even of the beginning and ending of whole species throughout the universe, each of us should consider the effects of our lives not only upon the present but upon the future of all life and all worlds that are to come after us.


His Oneness spoke, "Saint Germain?"


Saint Germain said, "Yes?"


His Oneness: "Do you consider what is happening now in 2010 to be a new Cold War starting between China and the Free World?"


Saint Germain: "I see it differently. Of course if you or I go into the future and read what others say about this 50 to 100 years of world history all kinds of things might be said about it from various points of view. However, my take on it looking at it now is that generally the whole world and all educated leaders worldwide will make sure the basic mistakes made during the Cold War won't be repeated. However, underlings of those leaders being generally younger and less students of history might begin to repeat some of the same Cold War mistakes if they aren't reeled in by those elder statesmen who are more studied or who actually lived through the Cold War. So, I think it depends whether the young unstudied hot heads rule the day, or the older wiser elder statesmen and leaders who suffered through the mistakes of the Cold War on all sides rule the day. Unfortunately, if history is to be the judge it likely will be both outcomes at once because of the nature of people worldwide and of how they generally interact."


His Oneness: "As usual, Saint  Germain. You are a keen judge of history and its tendencies."


Saint Germain: "I have been alive on Earth and other planets and dimensions for over 4000 years real time at present. It is from a great amount of terrible first hand observable suffering as well as studying history that I have become relatively skilled in understanding these things."


His Oneness nodded but by now he was deep in thought trying to solve more world problems.


We return to Rolf, Christina and Elohar the morning after their trip back to Saint Germain's Castle in the 70th Century. 

Elohar finds Saint Germain already awake as she wanders down the stairs from her parents and her room above. She looks at Saint Germain and wonders if he slept last night or whether he stayed up all night talking with His Oneness of Lemuria.

Elohar said, "Saint Germain?

Saint Germain: "Yes Elohar."

 Elohar: "I had a dream vision of the year 2010. There was another timeline. Did you have that dream too?"

Saint Germain: "I shared that dream with you."

Elohar: "Isn't that kind of unusual?"

Saint Germain said, "Maybe there really is another time line. Did you ever think about that?"

Elohar: "Is His Oneness real or is he a part of the dream?"

Saint Germain: "What do you think, Elohar?"

Elohar said, "I'm not sure."

Saint Germain said, "If I shared the dream with you and I say that His Oneness is real will you believe me?"

Elohar: "Yes. Because you are my teacher and my Daddy's teacher and maybe you are becoming my Mommy's teacher too."

Saint Germain said, "That's good. Elohar."

Elohar wasn't sure about all this but she sure did feel better about the whole thing, whatever it was.

more later.


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