Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and All Saint's Day

Halloween literally means "The Eve of all that is hallowed" or "The Eve of all that is Sacred". So November 1st is All Saints Day which comes the day after Halloween.

As an intuitive I find the most difficult week of the year to be an intuitive is the week leading up to Halloween. For me, during this week everything feels very chaotic and chopped up. In other words the world feels to me like it is in a storm of restless spirits. And this week because of so many unhappy, jobless, homeless and starving people in this country and around the world, Halloween took on an even creepier than normal tone everywhere.

Even writing about this for me would have been just too uncomfortable until Midnight when it just switched to All Saints Day, November 1st. It is now 12:49 Am All Saints Day and somehow my first experiences literally were All the Saints comforting me personally, as well as all the other beings asking for an needing comfort from all the Saints.

However, I must say that Halloween is a necessary place to be so that All Saints Day can happen. On Halloween "The day of the Dead" we recognize all our friends and relatives and ancestors that we have lost over the years and we remember them, so both we and they can move on in all our lives both before and after death. Both the living and the dead need closure and it comes in many many different forms. So, for me tonight, I kneeled in front of my bed tonight and said in prayer, "As each one of you died(my friends and relatives that have died since I was born) a part of me died with each of you. I feel diminished by each of your passings and sometimes I think I cannot go on without all of you here with me in the physical once again. However, I know I must live on for my children, my wife, my still living relatives and my still living friends and acquaintances. So I will go on as long as I am needed here on earth."

For me, it was very important to express my personal pain at my loss of everyone that has died since the 1950s when I was a boy, so I could be clear about what I'm still doing here on earth.

And as I looked at the clock later on I saw it was after midnight and I felt the comfort of all the Saints and Angels and God once again.

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