Friday, November 12, 2010

Microchipping individual doses of drugs beginning

Big Pharma to begin microchipping drugs

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I suppose my question to you is: Do you want people putting microchips in drugs you take? And do you trust people to put good chips in your prescription drugs?

I think this problem is a lot like having cars that drive themselves. Do you really trust a microchip when even your PC laptop crashes several times a month from viruses and Adware? and these things are going to be microscopic and transmit their findings back to a device you wear that will then send information to your doctor about what is happening inside your body. Does that sound all right to you? If so, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I want you to buy right now. And what if one of these microchips malfunctions and causes the death of a patient or drive one mad by some stretch of the imagination. How could you ever know? How could a policeman or detective ever prove murder or accidental death?
Welcome to a BRAVE NEW WORLD.

But that's likely not how all this will be sold. It will be a doctor saying something like this: "We need to monitor your body's reaction to this drug. So if you wear this belt it will pick up what your body's reaction is." This is likely what will be told patients who likely never programmed a computer or maybe have never even seen the inside of one (let alone held a microproccesor on the tip of their index finger while looking at it through a magnifying glass and analyzing its circuits. And maybe they never read science fiction that has dealt with these kinds of Big Brother horror stories before.

So, the potential problems won't even be discussed and on and on and on.

So, Where does this all end? Did you ever hear of a race called The Borg on Star Trek The Next Generation? That is one of many potential endings but that won't be until later this century or in the next one.

At the end of the article above I found another source news article that the author found regarding these new microchipped drugs:

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