Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When Praying do what works for you and yours

So many peoples and religions have strict forms that everyone is supposed to use when they pray. I don't believe in this. If you can find a form that works for you and keeps your family alive through all the craziness on earth now and doesn't hurt anyone else then you should do what it takes to keep you and yours alive through prayer.

Many people don't believe in prayer but that to me seems kind of nuts because even positive thinking, for example, "If I get out of bed and go to work my family will have food to eat and a place to live". Or "If I teach my kids to read or teach them Karate so they won't be beaten up by bullies they just might grow up and go to college and have a really great life". Or "If I stop smoking, drinking and taking drugs my kids might have me alive to keep them alive and to get them into college and I might even see them get married and meet my grandkids." All these are prayers to me. Because whatever heals your soul and keeps you from killing yourself or another or helps your kids grow up and have good lives, to me is a living prayer. So, find your living prayer or your prayer for living a good life for you and everyone around you.

When I was growing up I was taught sort of a Christian Science type of method. In this form of praying you are convincing yourself through prayer that what you want is already here. Looking back at this form I was taught I find it useful in multiple ways. For example, you cannot do anything in life unless you believe you can first. If you didn't believe you could raise your hand above your head or walk out the door you wouldn't be able to. So, believing you can do something right now is the first step to actually manifesting it through prayer or positive thinking. Then I was taught something that I call Eye Magic. But what it actually means is  that once you learn to convince yourself that something is true and then it starts manifesting by saying out loud what you want to be real in a way that it is already here to the point where your subconscious actually believes it to the point where it really happens, then if you are a child or young adult or even an adult when you reach that point then you no longer have to say anything but just realize that you and God are Co-Creating together because whatever you want starts to happen right on time all the time. This doesn't always happen in all the details but if you can get the major things in life to start to happen as you wish them to then you are going to have a really amazing life of Grace. Then if you help all the people you can to have a similar life of Grace then this life of Grace spreads out and out to millions and millions of people. To me, this is what prayer is really all about. It's about creating a potential heaven here on earth and beyond for everyone. Hope and Prayer drive everything important in life!

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