Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Ten most Intelligent Animals

According to CNN Newsroom's pictures that I just DVRd so I can get a still of them on pause are:
(I can see only the pictures and their numbers by intelligence)
1. Chimpanzee
2. Dolphin
3. Orangutan
4. Elephant
5. Looks like a Crow or Raven
6. Pig
7. Squirrel
8. white pigeon or dove
9. Octopus
10. Rat

For me, the surprises would be the Squirrel at number 7 and the pigeon or dove at number 8.  However, in regard to the Octopus, I have done enough research to realize that an Octopus is the most intelligent non-mammal in the ocean.  Also, I have always known that pigs whether domesticated or ferral are extremely intelligent and that is why they are often fatal to humans if you meet them in the wilds without warning and without a loaded weapon. Wild Boars (pigs) were something I always had to watch out for when I was on a break from my fire Lookout job (10 miles from the nearest human being) at 4000 feet in Central California. Since I wasn't allowed a weapon to protect myself, I had to constantly watch for trees to climb up into if I saw or heard a nearby boar or group of pigs coming. Since I didn't want to be killed by a boar unarmed I seldom walked but only drove through that area in my 4 wheel drive IH Scout II then in the mid 1980s.

When I think about squirrels the most intelligent one I ever had contact with was a fairydiddle who stood upside down on the side of a 5 foot through Cedar tree near my land at 4000 feet on Mt. Shasta. It's strategy was to just scream and make so much noise while standing upside down on the side of a tree at about 10 feet in height that I would grow tired of all the noise and leave. However, I had to laugh at the sight and sound for about 5 minutes before I was finally driven away by all the racket. Most animals that couldn't climb trees after the flying squirrel would be driven away by the racket. Smart squirrel but also very funny for a human.

It was found in an aquarium that one of the Ocotopuses in residence didn't like sharks. After finding one or more sharks dead in the tank the aquarium put out a digital movie camera to find out what was killing their sharks. It was a northern Pacific Octopus that lay in wait for a shark and then projected itself at the shark and prevented it from moving and stuffing its legs into the gills of the shark so it couldn't breathe.
This Octopus really didn't like sharks and this likely is a similar behavior to giant squids when they attack Whales. Though much less is known about giant squids than octopus behavior because they live very deep, it could be a similar kind of rivalry that seems to exist between octopus and shark (at least the Northern Pacific Giant Octopus.

I wrote and gathered some information and wrote some things that you might consider to be science fiction or shamanic in nature. However, for me these were all actual experiences that were possible because of the gifts I was born with in concert with training I received from Tibetan Lamas and Native American Medicine Men and Women mostly during the 1980s in California, Oregon, India, and Nepal.
If you want to read some of that it is at:

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