Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Apokalupto: the original meaning

from apo - apo 575 and kaluptw - kalupto 2572; to take off the cover, i.e. disclose:--reveal.

The above is a quote from:

So, we find that the original meaning of Apocalypse is basically to unveil the truth.

Also, in Buddhism I studied that to become enlightened is considered as easy as realizing it. It is said that everyone already is enlightened naturally. One need only realize it.

I believe that enlightenment for some is as easy as waking up in the morning from difficult dreams the previous night and just opening your eyes to a beautiful day outside and realizing what you were thinking in the dream was an illusion. Now that illusion might have been the life you had been living before. Any way you look at it we are ALL already enlightened. So the real trick is realizing it by opening your eyes (or mind) so you can experience your natural state which is enlightenment.

I believe that there are millions of beings on earth in the past, present and future who are enlightened enough to sort of map the way for the rest of us both in external maps and also in internal maps. This can eliminate much suffering along the way and prevent our becoming road kill on a freeway so to speak.

For example, I'm sure most of us would think of cars, and trucks and vehicles that bring every good thing to us that we need to eat or wear or do to us every day or that help us travel literally all over the world so we don't have to walk 25,000 miles to get there are mostly a good thing.

However, if you are ignorant or mentally confused and go stand in the middle of a busy freeway your body parts might go in all directions and anyone watching might consider the new meaning for apocalypse rather than its original meaning which is basically to unveil the truth and to enlighten.

I'm not saying by the way that the Apocalypse is tomorrow. I'm just saying that for the majority of people on earth who have their acts together, the Apocalypse will be a very good thing if and when and (on what time line) it might happen on and not a bad thing.

I wrote a story that many of you will consider to be Science Fiction about the two time lines. Three of the people were born in the first time line and we here are on the second time line. Though it is still a work in progress maybe you might be interested in it if you like science fiction themes with multiple time lines and at least one being that is 4,052 years old in the 70th Century after Christ. Here it is:

Elohar: Aged 9

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