Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reality Show with Sarah Palin?

The hills are alive with the sound of Sarah in TLC’s new reality show.

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When it was announced, in the spring, that Sarah Palin would be making a reality show about Alaska, the state she grew up in and then, last year, blew off, by resigning the governorship, I’m sure I winced and groaned and rolled my eyes, before hanging my head, shaking it, and emitting a deep sigh, and then repeating the sequence several times. For one thing, the show was going to be on TLC, whose initials used to stand for The Learning Channel but which I like to call The Leering Channel. Among its recent and current shows are “Make Room for Multiples,” “The Little Couple,” “Strange Sex,” “Obese and Pregnant,” “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” “Mermaid Girl,” and “Paralyzed and Pregnant.” Then, there’s the supersized Duggar family, whose show was first called “17 Kids and Counting,” then “18 Kids and Counting,” and is now idling at “19 Kids and Counting.” (At some point it will probably be called “But Who’s Counting?”) The show that TLC is most famous for is “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which by now needs no introduction except a quick reminder that it was about that awful couple with the twins and the sextuplets.

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end quote.
So, watching Sarah Palin rock climb and Mush her sled dogs and even bagging a Moose might be great to watch like many outdoor reality shows. However, after I watch her gut a Moose and see her covered with blood I might be really concerned about her becoming a President especially during wartime if she loves blood this much.

However, watching her rock climb like I used to in Yosemite in the late 1960s and early 1970s and Mush those sled dogs I just might be up for. I have been watching Bristol Palin on Dancing with the stars and I must admit her spirit after all she has been through is the only reason I DVR and watch her dancing episodes because otherwise I just don't watch that program. But Bristol's indefatigable pioneer spirit from being raised in Alaska even after having a child alone in the public eye makes you respect her spirit for going on no matter what.
So, even though I don't share Sarah Palin's politics, I do share her love for the out of doors and of Alaska. 

Later: I watched Sarah Palin and her family climb glaciers and cross crevasses and do some rock climbing on ropes. This is a really ballzy lady. She really has guts. Even though I don't share her politics one has to be impressed with her daring and intensity and love of life. Keep on climbing, Sarah! 
Your pioneer spirit is what the country needs now even for those of us who don't share your politics!

Here is the latest on her new reality show:

Sarah Palin's New Reality Show Breaks TLC's Ratings Records


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