Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dream Tiger is Symbolic of God

The Many Languages of Reality

This is now 7:42 AM PDT after I wrote the above article "The Many Languages of Reality" last night. God writing the above article through me created an exreme metamorphosis in my life during the night last night. This was a very good thing.

I woke up to seeing the Tiger (an immortal Tiger which represents God to me). When I was young I was terrified of this Tiger and knew it would always eat me and I did not want to die. But then the Immortal Tiger-God did eat me and so I died by age 15 and became a part of the Immortal Tiger-God. Then when I started dating girlfriends at age 15, the immortal Tiger-God ate them all too(metaphorically). So they all became a part of God too, including my 3 successive wives. My wives as Tigers all ate my Children, so each of my children became a part of the Immortal Tiger-God, as well. This seems to be how God operates. He eats us and becomes us. God has lived inside of me since I was 15 and he has given me all these amazing intuitive gifts and said to me, "If you don't use these gifts as I will, I will kill you instantaneously. So do my will!" So this is what I have done. This God is not just a God of Earth, or just of the solar system of even of just this Galaxy, but the God of the universe. 

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a name Given this God of the whole Universe, It is Vajrasattva or Diamond Vow,  or (Lightning Vow) which is a vow as God not to go beyond being the physical universe and into the unformed realms until all beings become enlightened(Live in a permanent Heaven realm). His Consort or wife is called Nyema. So Together they are the God and Goddess of the whole Universe. When I understood this I stopped being afraid of the God of the Universe and fully accepted my place in the heart of God and as a part of God's family. It is my hope that this is all useful to you as well and that it brings peace into your life as it did mine.

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