Monday, November 1, 2010

What is a Natural Intuitive?

I could talk broadly about this but over the years what I thought I knew doesn't always hold true throughout all intuitives. So what I know for sure is that many are very good at hiding what they are, especially in the upper middle class and upper class where being hidden might be necessary even more than in the lower middle class and poor of the world.

So, in my own case I might be able to survive many situations or events that others may not. This doesn't mean that my heart is not broken over and over again by many of the situations that we all have to face during our lives. However, what it does mean that I tend to live through things that others do not always live through, mainly by sensing when something unusual is coming that could be fatal or harmful and just getting out of the way of it by either a hair or a mile (one or the other) or further.

So, though some people might walk out their front door and just break both legs or arms, I might fall out of a plane or tree or survive many other things without a scratch or it would at least not be fatal or maiming. Why is this? I tend to believe that God needs me alive, so that I can help many other people survive and stay alive too that listen to me when I warn them of problems of one sort or another. This is what I believe.

However, I also realize that many if not most natural intuitives hide the fact of what they are very well, especially if they are highly educated because if other people knew about it it might harm their profession and their capacity to make money in that profession because of the way the world is today. But once again, the professions where you might find people like this on one   hand hand could be anything but on the other hand would naturally be doctors, lawyers, politicians, ministers and priests, psychiatrists and psychologists and counselors, nurses and physical therapists and chiropractors, Osteopaths, and acupuncturists around the world. Or they could be doing almost anything. That's just the way it is all over the world.

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