Monday, October 26, 2015

See me, feel me, touch me: Tommy: The Who

The Who: BBC Electric Proms 2006 PLDHD TV

I was channel surfing and found the Who in 2006 singing "See me, feel me, Touch me" from Tommy and this song was an important one in my life and my best friend's life.

We were both raised in a Christian Mystic religion that you could call New Age except for the fact that they were and are very conservative both politically and morally and which puts them more in the category of New Age Fundamentalist Mystical Christian to today's thinking.

Well. I had graduated from the Church School a few years before but my church going rock climbing friend was 3 years younger than I. He still had his Senior year in High School to go to. I recommended he go to the church school and graduate there in Santa Fe, New Mexico like I had and several of our mutual friends had too.

However, he was also a budding musician and had already opened for Chicago at the L.A. Forum with his high school Band. All the members of his band from Palos Verdes became professional musicians too by the way.

So, off he went for his senior year at the church school. But after a few months there they sent him home to Palos Verdes. I asked him why?

He said that the kids at the church school marveled that he had a rock band and asked him to sing and play something on the piano for them. He thought "See me, feel me, touch me" was a very spiritual song about God. So, he played it for them. Unfortunately, the teachers in the school heard him play for them "See me, feel me, touch me" and they were not amused. But then, he was only 17 or 18 and "What did he know?" So, the next week he was asked to go home to Palos Verdes, California from Santa Fe, New Mexico. So, he said "Goodbye" to his new girlfriend at the school and went home. However, this was the fall but the next summer of 1970 when he went to the church conclave in Mt. Shasta he was told by the leader of the church he wasn't supposed to be a part of the church anymore. He had been "Dismissed" which really surprised him. So, he had been literally kicked out of his childhood church for playing and singing a song on the piano. This was fall of 1969.

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