Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another way to slow down global warming

As I mentioned in the previous article at above web address volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere abov20,000 to 30,000 feet often stays there drifting around between 20,000 feet and 100,000 feet for years or even decades before it slowly finds its way back down to earth through wind and rain and snow and moist air. During this time it blocks the suns rays, changes the color of clouds and sunsets and the sun and moon and drops earths temperatures up to 10 degrees. The following are two of my ideas to emulate extreme volcanic eruptions of dust that affect the weather for decades or even hundreds of years. Another interesting point is that volcanic dust that returns to earth tends to become some of the richest soil on earth for growing things. So volcanic disasters one year tend to be a boon to farmers in coming years. So, because of this farmers of the world might like to hear this about volcanic dust.

If you are absolutely sure that we are experiencing global warming then we know life on earth will slowly have to migrate toward the Northern and Southern poles as the temperatures slowly increase and ALL the ice eventually melts off of both poles at least during the late summer and fall in the north and the corresponding 6 month away time in the Southern hemisphere in the South.

So, there are two ideas to put enough volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere to drop temperatures by about 10 degrees worldwide and to bring back the ice at the northern and southern ends of the earth as well as back onto high mountain ranges.

The first idea(I don't think this is workable because there are just too many people on earth to do this) is to create an artificial Krakatoa eruption somewhere on earth where there is either no one there or that temporarily at least the few people there could be moved elsewhere for a time. Then an artificial Krakatoa could be created using one of a hundred different methods yet to be determined.

The second idea(which might actually work) is to have airliners carry a ton or more load of volcanic dust under contract to the United Nations as they fly from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, or Seattle over the Polar route to Europe. As they reach, say the Arctic Circle they would begin to allow the dust to slowly blow out of the plane through the furthest back part of the plane or a device that extended slightly from the very rear of the plane. Planes that did this would fly a unique route distinctly different than regular polar airliner routes. The dust on each of these flights would slowly build up and as temperatures declined first in the Arctic and then over the earth by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or Centrigrade, volcanic dust might be stopped from being dumped into the air to reduce temperature.

Something like this would have to be done under the auspices of the United Nations and enough nations would have to approve of this in order to do this.

However, individual nations military planes could do this on their own to experiment whether this technique was useful in reducing Global warming and then later they could contact the United Nations to give their results of whether this was successful or not and the United Nations could decide if they wanted to do this or not.

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