Thursday, September 24, 2009

Electrical Conduction

I was doing some research on Nicola Tesla and how he helped create the alternating current generated and sent long distance from point to point and as a part of grid systems around the world today. I came upon this jewel about wireless transmission of electricity from wikipedia under the title of "Wireless energy transfer" and subheading "electrical conduction:

begin quote:
Electrical energy can also be transmitted by means of electrical currents made to flow through naturally existing conductors, specifically the earth, lakes and oceans, and through the upper atmosphere — a natural medium that can be made conducting if the breakdown voltage is exceeded and the gas becomes ionized. For example, when a high voltage is applied across a neon tube the gas becomes ionized and a current passes between the two internal electrodes. In a wireless energy transmission system using this principle, a high-power ultraviolet beam might be used to form vertical ionized channels in the air directly above the transmitter-receiver stations. The same concept is used in virtual lightning rods, the electrolaser electroshock weapon[53] and has been proposed for disabling vehicles.[54][55][56] A global system for "the transmission of electrical energy without wires" dependant upon the high electrical conductivity of the earth was proposed by Nikola Tesla as early as 1904.[57]
end quote.

This lends credence to my theory that the primary electrical generator for earth is the sun through plasma streams and photons. I don't fully understand this but I think it is an important study that should be conducted so our magnetosphere isn't depleted like Mars and Venus have been. One theory is that there might have been humanoids or another race upon those planets at one time and through the use of electricity(alternating current generated through magnets) like we use now depleted their magnetosphere of energy which began to change the weather like we are experiencing now.

If one of the factors of the depletion of energy electrically is taking place and if our magnetosphere is depleting because of this it may mean that we REALLY need to change to solar, wind, wave and geothermal to generate electricity. Or it could mean that the only safe way to generate electricity is through solar which converts electricity directly from photons(visible light rays) and not using the system of breaking the magnetic fields of a magnet or magnets.

If the depletion of the ozone layer is also related to the depletion of the magnetosphere caused by the magnetic generation of alternating current worldwide, it could be that it is like the fish in the ocean, there is only so much available that can be harvested without major consequences like Global Climate change.

So if I'm right it is possible that the only safe form of electrical power generation might be from solar cells. If this is true it is very unfortunate but to pretend it isn't happening is suicidal for all life on the planet. I hope my theory is proved wrong but common sense and intuition tells me I'm right!

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