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Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III in the Protectors

Originally written between 2000 and 2005 in that general timeline This is about Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III


Introduction: When I started to write this I originally called it the Galactic Grunt. I changed the name as I got more involved in writing the piece. The two main charactors, Sargeant Mark III and Purple Delta 7 were each inspired by experiences I have had. Sargeant Mark III is patterned after a Marine Sergeant I met on a train who was headed to Viet Nam in 1965 while I was going to and from a private school on the El Capitan train while I attented in New Mexico from my home in the Los Angeles area. However, for those of you who believe in Soul Travel(those who don't please bear with me)I experienced Star Plasma beings after I learned how to consciously soul travel in about 1970. Most people do it and don't know what they are doing in dreams and visions but by the time I was 22 I had learned to soul travel at will. I found bilocation, rather than astral projection to be safer so that is what I did. After I had explored earth through soul bilocation, I decided to go up to Venus. I saw myself there and I was there. I found that in a mind soul form one is impervious to heat. I found other beings on Venus in Soul forms like my own. I told them what I was trying to do and they sent me into the sun. I asked them if I would burn up in the sun. They said, "NO. You are in a mind and soul body and it is impervious to heat. So I went into the sun and was very surprised to find beings there made of solar plasma energy. They helped prepare me to be sent to the center of the Galaxy. Sergeant Mark III and General Blue Star are in physical composition like the plasma energy beings I met even though Sergeant Mark III's temperament is more like a soldier of earth and not the temperament of any solar plasma being I have met. Though I am introducing the reader to the physicality of a star Plasma being I'm not trying to introduce the reader to the actual temperament or mind of a star plasma being.

At 18 I majored in Computer Data Processing in 1966 in College because I had been inspired by the idea of building an ideal robot female companion. I was very frustrated by the women in my life at that time. Though I started dating and going steady by age 15 and was always dating or going with someone ongoing or married and having and raising kids ever since, Purple Delta 7 is about an ideal female companion, who has brains, beauty, desire, caring, and finesse. She was originally inspired by a sentient female robot in the first Star Trek TV series in the 60's.

The Galactic Protectors

His Oneness looked up from analyzing his Time Pool. The relevant time was July and August 2003. He decided it was time to get a bodyguard for Jonathan. He would have the bodyguard visit time at critical points starting with conception and moving forward throughout Jonathan's life. At first he considered using a trusted member of the Lemurian Time Guard. However, after realizing that the Galactic Sentience planned to throw Jonathan's book series "Memories" Galaxy wide as a way of creating good will and understanding between Galaxies he realized that Jonathan would need a protector from the Galactic Time Guard and directly answering to the Galactic Sentience. His Oneness stood before the Holographic projector. It would take an image of himself and his voice and place it before the Galactic Sentience at the convenience of the Galactic Sentience. His Oneness turned the holographic camera and recording device on.

As His Oneness stood there, he began his holographic message to the Galactic Sentience. He said, "Your Holiness, I realized today that I need to procure a protector for Jonathan Flow. Since we both have uses for his services I have come to the conclusion that the best protector for him would come directly from the Galactic Time Guard. We would need a Deep Space Marine, preferable a veteran of one or more conflicts and a full time robot observer sentient to follow all of Jonathan's activities from conception until his passing. Thank you your Holiness for all of your magnanimous help benefitting Earth and all Life upon it as well as your beneficent care of all life in and around this Galaxy."

Later that day His Oneness received a moving Holograph with sound from His Holiness, The Galactic Sentience. As His Oneness opened the hologram, the almost blinding white light presence of the Galactic Sentience formed 10 feet high in the room. His Oneness quickly pulled the speical sunglasses to view this Hologram out of the sleeve of his robes of State.

As His Oneness listened attentively, he heard the extremely bright light in the room say in combined telpathy and his personal tribal dialect of very ancient Lemurian, "You Oneness or Earth. I'm so glad to hear from you. Yes, I agree that Jonathan should have this sort of conception to Passing On kind of protection. However, I might point out that Jonathan doesn't ever exactly die. He just appears to die as Arcane also appeared to. Jonathan will only change in somewhat the same way that Arcane changed into you. In the same way, somehow Jonathan metamorphosizes into Eridian. Even I the Galactic Sentience cannot explain this metamorphosis. I could better explain it if I were some kind of Priest. However, my title of "Your Holiness" mostly means that I am just so aware and intelligent that some beings consider me a God. However, I do not consider myself a God."

"Given all this as a basis of general understanding I have appointed General Blue Star to answer directly to me concerning the ongoing safety of the body and soul of Jonathan. You and I have far reaching plans in the interests of the time and space of the Galaxy in regard to the writings of Jonathan. However, both you and I know that within his writings are thousands of codes. Though the information is all based on truth that both you and I can verify, the codes are invaluable in that they will travel forward in time intact on earth and many other planets and dimensions thereby informing many civilizations in this galaxy and others of the existence of the Galactic Government and that it exists to benefit them too whether or not they ever become aware of it or not. In this way, the way will be made safe for future contacts with earth in all its times and civilizations both past, present and future."

"Therefore, I have asked General Blue Star to come to your dimension in the vicinity of earth and to speak with you personally as soon as this message is heard by you. Thank you Your Oneness of Earth for being so kind and efficient. I'm very proud of having chosen you as Time Lord of Earth thousands of Earth years ago."

His Oneness as usual was always surprised at the incredible efficiency of the Galactic Sentience. In just a moment General Blue Star of the Galactic Time Guard was at His Oneness' office and His Oneness' secretary showed General Blue Star of the Galactic Time Guard in. Since General Blue Star was literally a Blue Star in the center of the Galaxy. Only a small plasma stream of him was physically present on earth, however. He looked like a man made of star plasma of blue fire safely enclosed in a force field so he wouldn't burn holes in the floor, ceiling walls or people. His Oneness' secretary was shaking she was so scared.

His Oneness said, "Ah! General Blue Star. So good to see you. I have long missed the military training schedules we had when I was young." General Blue Star had missed His Oneness as well. "Yes. I have missed our long talks and friendship as well." His Oneness then said, "Would you like to sit or stand, General?"

"I haven't tried sitting in a chair in a force field contained transport form for some time. Let's try that for fun!" His Oneness smiled in amuzement. General Blue Star chose and overstuffed chair. As he bent into position to sit one could hear the sparking sounds of arcing plasma as it changed forms within the force field to sit in a chair.

When he sat General Blue Star said, "Let's get down to business, Your Oneness!" "Fine." said His Oneness. "What I have recommended to the Galactic Sentience is an immortal plasma being like myself who sometimes occupies a psyborg Sergeant's previously deceased human form. Both the plasma being and the soul who previously operated the psyborg body were Deep Space Marine Sergeants. He is a veteran of several wars and battles I and feel he would be perfect for the job. He needs about one year for his newest psyborg implants to completely interface with the human body he sometimes wears. The implants need to more fully imbed themselves into the bodies nervous system. During this year he will constantly oversee all of Jonathan's life. He has an IQ of about 200 which is more than sufficient to deal with earthlings. I would also recommend a dimensional robot sentient called Purple Delta 7, who prefers to appear as a female sentient when manifesting as a human. She has proven to be outstanding in previous assignments such as being a bodyguard for Queen Victoria alongside of Sergeant Mark III and his Human body who's name was Sergeant Mark II. Sergeant Mark III interfaces extremely well with Purple Delta 7. Sergeant Mark III of the Sirius quadrant has the ability to appear as an earthborn human with or without the body of Sergeant Mark II. He can appear with or without the body as any object from a bottle of water to a rock, a boulder, a tree, a bush, a deer, a bear or anything else that is under the weight of 1 ton. He can even appear as an automobile that is drivable by humans down an interstate hiway or even at speeds up to 150 mph safely down a german Autobahn hiway."

His Oneness smiled at the thought of this and said, "You've certainly thought of everything." General Blue said, "Yes. Would you like to meet him? I have him right here with me." His Oneness smiled. Of course he would have him with him! The General was that efficient. His Oneness smiled at the General's audacity. His Oneness leaned over to his intercom. "Secretary! Some of our alarms may go off but the General and I are old friends from my youth in the Galactic Core so please disregard the alarms. I don't need any guards to rush in here unannounced!" "Yes Sir!" He could hear the fear in her voice but then she had never been off earth.

Part of the force field of General Blue Star came of and appeared first as a modern day Marine in humanoid form resembling an earthborn human. General Blue Star said, "I would like to introduce Sergeant Mark II of the Galactic Time Guard Deep Space Marines from the Sirius Sector."

The Sergeant said, "Yes Sir. If I may speak Sir?" General Blue Star Said, "Go ahead Sergeant" The Sergeant went on, "Your Holiness. I volunteered for this assignment because my father and Arcane were friends in Timekeeper school. My father spoke very highly of Arcane and his work here on Earth. I know more about both Earth and Arcane than any 'grunt' in the Deep Space Marines."

His Oneness looked deeply into the Sergeant. Hoever, the Sergeant was used to being Scanned by the Oneness of many other planets and dimensions and Stars that he had protected and defended before on behalf of the Galaxy. He stood there resolute and proud as a Marine while being scanned for what seemed to the Sergeant an eternity.

His Oneness finally said, "You are an excellent choice Sergeant Mark III." "Thank you Sir!" General Blue Star smiled as well. His Oneness went on, "I have but one request." "Yes Sir?" said the Sergeant. "If you come across any major alterations of Jonathan's timeline in any major way I want you to grab Jonathan out of time and bring him here to me." "Yes Sir. How will I know if it is severe enough a change to warrant bringing him here?" His Oneness walked over to a table and picked up a bracelet. He said to the Sergeant, "I want you to keep this with you at all times. Since you aren't always humanoid find some good way that it is always directly or indirectly connected to you." "Yes Sir!" said the Sergeant. His Oneness continued, "General Blue Star. I would like Galactic locks placed around its structure so it cannot be tampered with except by you me and the Sergeant and the Robot sentient only under the Sergeant's specific orders!" General Blue Star reach out his right "hand" and it was done. His Oneness went on, "This device is programmed to go off under certain dangerous conditions. During the course of Jonathan's life I know it will be certain to go off at least 10 times or more."

His Oneness handed a Disc to th Sergeant. "This disk contains all about Jonathan. It has his DNA, his ancestry forward and backward 10,000 years in each direction, his description and a photo of him everyday from birth to his feigned passing on. I want you to give it to Purple Delta 7 and tell her to look for ways up to 20 years before his conception to optimize his life, mental capacity, spiritual capacity, intuitive capacity and general knowledge to as near as possible align with Galactic Standards of education." The Sergeant looked a little nervous and then at General Blue Star and then said, "You mean we have Carte Blanche to "enhance Time". His Oneness said, "Yes!" while General Blue Star nodded. His Oneness continued, "His Holiness The Galactic Sentience and I have seen a wonderful opportunity for understanding between all the members of this galaxy in all times and all the members of other galaxies in all times. We intend to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. That is why you are sent here to protect Jonathan." The Sergeant Swallowed hard and said, "I thought I was just here to protect Soul Royalty!" His Oneness burned his mind into Sergeant Mark III. He said, "YOU ARE! However, you are also here to protect Soul Royalty in it's propagation of Good Will both within and beyond this galaxy." Sergeant Mark III hoped he had not bitten off more than he could chew politically. If he could have whistled he would have in amazement. His Oneness said, Is this responsibility acceptable to you, Sergeant?" The Sergeant said, "Yes Sir! I am deeply honored to be entrusted with this assignment, Sir!"

The Sergeant was stunned and was then dismissed and was shot through time and space directly to the location of Jonathan's living space in 2003. He appeared as a buck deer as they are plentiful in the pine forests there. However, a black dog who loved to chase deer found out what his horns were for. Soon after being thrown 30 feet the dog limped away followed by his hysterical young teenage mistress. The dog wondered why she was crying hysterically when it was his ribs exposed with flesh hanging and his back that hurt.

However, soon Sergeant Mark III simply changed time and instead of a Buck deer he appeared as a bicyclist who reassured the teenager about her dog. Finally, Sergeant Mark III eliminated the whole scenario except himself as a bicyclist riding past Jonathan's house. The bicycle was really Purple Delta 7. She photographed the house externally and internally in 3d as they rode by together. As they bicycled together toward the Lodge Sergeant Mark III smiled to himself, "My God! What have I gotten myself into?" he thought. Purple Delta 7 replied, "This will look really good on both our records. I finally think I can really do some good politically for my sentient robot kind." With a dazed look on his face the Sergeant thought, "Yeah. Purple. We may be sitting pretty for the rest of our lives after this one is over." The handle bars of the bike slowly formed into a sweet smile. "Can I be sitting pretty with you?" "If they'll let us Purple, Yes!" Purple said, "Good!"

After turning into a beautiful human form of a beautiful well dressed auburn haired periwinkle blue eyed 5 foot 7 inch shapely lady appearing to be about 25 years of age, she checked both the Sergeant and herself into the Lodge near Jonathan's home as Delta Purple, of Victoria, B.C., Canada. The Sergeant appeared to sit down and read a newspaper. However, he was actually doing a security check of the nearest 10 miles of time space. Since this was the first anchor point of their extremely thorough ongoing investigation of at least the last half of the 20th century and the 21st century he had to begin this whole thing corectly.

Since the Sergeant's specialty is Time Travel specialising in Multiple entry guerilla warfare and targeted unconception of Galactic offenders he would only need the rented luxury room for one day as a cover and as a base of operations. By moving in and out of time they could travel and analyze all moments over hundreds of years that they needed to. Sergeant Mark III retired for the 1st hour of their operations to collect his thoughts and to recharge his 'batteries' so to speak. It had been a difficult trip from Galactic Central. They had sent him so quickly he was in some pain. However, he found a light bulb in the room to his liking in a lamp that Purple sat next to. Inside a turned on light bulb most closely approached the Sergeant's view of heaven on earth with the ebb and flow of alternating current through the tungsten filaments out to the electrical wires to the electrical generating stations. He flowed from the light bulb through the ground and wires back and forth from the nearest power plant at the rate of 60 cycles per second. Delta Purple found this quite comforting. In her mind he was her mate. Sometimes she traveled with him along the wires and through the earth and communicated with him with one string of her consciousness. Since she was designed based on increments of one trillionth of a second this was relatively effortless for her.

By moving to a different hotel or motel for each day as a base for every home that Jonathan had lived in or would live in she and the Sergeant could 'protect' and enhance all aspects of Jonathan's life from conception until his next metamorphosis. Purple particularly like their location here in the time space of the Lodge. Since she was an excellent multi-tasker she could be extremely efficient with 3 strings of consciousness doing her research work and 100 other strings in some form of educational entertainment for her. If need be she could mobilize all 110 strings of consciousness in an emergency. And in battle mode she had up to 1000 separate strings of consciousness if necessary. Each of these strings of consciousness would be equal to the mental processing of a human earth born adult. However, because she was also a multiple dimensional entry time traveler she could also change thousands of time lines simaltaneously in only several trillionths of a second. As a result she was literally the most formidable weapon in the whole solar system if and when she was under specific orders to be that. And since she was programmed to feel no guilt about any of her actions, when necessary she was the executioner. However, on this operation that would simply mean that anyone who could not be disuaded from harming or ordering the harm of Jonathan would never have been conceived, never have been born, never have been named, and never have existed. This form of execution is the least painful for all concerned. The offenders body just disapears permanently out of time. In this way the galaxy has found that when there is no conception there is no loss experienced by anyone including the soul. The soul simply has to find another body and life to incarnate into thereby completely eliminating whatever harm was intended.

Purple's biggest lack was in instinctual and intuitive qualities interfaced with logic and reason which is commonly found in beings with dna or star plasma based dna like the Sergeant. Delta Purple's primary job was to monitor Jonathan's life signs and thoughts and dreams and search for the slightest anomaly. Since Jonathan was a trained Galactic psychic his thoughts, feelings, dreams and subconscious were the best way for her to locate potential problems. However, being a sentient robot she did not trust those experiences alone. She alway set up a ten mile field of awareness and protection from Jonathan's conception to his final metamorphosis. Then she set up an electronic web around Jonathan for 100 miles and then around all nations on earth and finally around the earth itself. This included a special field of inquiry around California where Jonathan spent most of his time and then the United States. She did all this to detect hostile or even accidental intent from all living beings including anything the size of an insect or larger. This included any harmful intent of bacteria, viruses etc. Next, she set up field traps for all interlopers into Jonathan's life. This protection included all family, friends and acquaintances and even passers by in Jonathan's life in 100 year segments. Since Jonathan was going to live on earth for at least 1500 years she set up 2000 year field traps beginning in June 1947 and ending temporarily in June 3947 AD. She set up a total of 15 field traps, 4 in the state of Washington, 1 on the big Island of Hawaii in Hilo and one on Maui in Paia, 1 in the state of New Mexico and the rest in the state of California and Oregon. Delta Purple also set up field traps in all the countries all over the world that Jonathan would visit during his lifetime.

By doing all this during the first ten minutes in her room at the Lodge she was then free to plug herself into the coaxial digital cable and watch all the channels that she found interesting simaltaneously. She found this quite educational as she didn't have any experience with the 21st century at all other than her first hour here. She had just done as she was told to do specifically during her first hour in summer 2003 earth. She found about 1/2 the approximately 100 stations enjoyable and interesting to her. She sent streams of some of the channels directly back to the Galactic Archives section of the Sentient Robotics Time Guard Division. She was learning about a culture she hadn't studied before. Simaltaneously, Purple was monitoring all satellite cameras outside of earth's atmosphere and all television cameras protecting businesses and governments in the world that she could usefully access. She found all this very satisfying. She especially enjoyed the conversations she overheard at the White House and the United Nations Building. She at first wondered how the United Nations could govern the Earth. Then she realized that the United Nations existed mainly so communications between all nations could continue in a crisis and not really to rule the world. This all seemed very odd to her but then this was earth and earth had always been a very strange place compared to the rest of the galaxy. However, she found this strangeness very exciting.

A few moments after this thought she woke up the Sergeant in his light bulb heaven. She said to the Sergeant, "Wake up old Friend! His Oneness' bracelet alarm just went off." Purple was wearing it since she tended to maintain a more human appearing form. Sergeant said, "What? Where am I? What planet or dimension? Purple said patiently, "We're on earth guarding Jonathan Flow at the behest of His Oneness, Time Lord of Earth and of General Blue Star and His Holiness, The Galactic Sentience." Sergeant Mark III said, "Oh yeah. I remember now. What do we need to do?" Purple had planned it all out methodically in about one trillionth of a second because of her amazing processor speed. Purple said matter of factly, "We need to immediately go to 1950 in Seattle to Jonathan's 2 year old form. He is presently getting whooping cough and needs our attention."

Note: Purple must maintain the same body weight of about 150 pounds so she can appear to be a very tall man or woman or whatever or she can appear to be a short fat man or woman or anything in between or whatever. she considers herself female around the vaious sorts of humanoids when working on a humanoid planet. However, when she is appearing as another type of species within the 10 galaxies she is permitted to work in both matter and antimatter she could appear to be any gender there if there are genders.

She decided a weight of 150 pounds would allow her to take out any human or lifeform on earth in an emergency in 1/2000 of a second. However, if she did this she would then methodically recreate time as she is not authorized to take a life. Only Sergeant Mark III is galactically authorized to do this and then only by preventing the conception of a rogue being who threatens earth's timelines or the Galaxies timelines or both. Even then a duplicate android with identical dna to the orginal rogue being is installed to live out the life of the rogue being in a non rogue way. Purple can leave parts of her weight or add to her weight from galactic stores to reach any size from a single molecule to 1,000,000 molecules to the size of a planet or Star if necessary. So she can literally be both a nanobot or the size of a planet if necessary.Purple was very happy to be working alongside the Sergeant again. They were great friends. end note.

Soon Purple and the Sergeant were in Seattle area in Lake Forest Park in 1950. The Sergeant said after assuming the appropriate costume for the era,"Purple. Brief me. We knew already that he had had whooping cough. What are we here?" Purple said, "There appears to be more than meets the eye concerning all this. It appears that there was a clandestine attempt on his young life!" The Sergeant was suddenly very interested. "Which means we already corrected the problem because he survived." Purple smiled "Yes!" The Sergeant quickly replied, "Who was the attempt from?" Purple made a face. "Well. That is the really strange thing. The parents and the grandparents could not deal with the intensity of Jonathan as a being and since they were all psychically endowed their irratation of Jonathan's naturally positive forceful nature made them fight him psychicly. Jonathan as a young child felt rejected and had a death wish and so started to die."

"Are you saying, Purple, that this was caused by his parents?" "No!" said Purple. "I think now it might have been induced by some group on the outside, by non earthlings! Jonathan had to be born with an intense disposition to be able to survive everything in his life and to grow up to help prevent the extinction of life on earth. His Oneness would have seen to that."

Purple then looked thoughtful, "However, this intrusion into his young life made him shy passive aggressive and angry that someone or something didn't fully accept his young self." Sergeant Mark III said, "Please inform general Blue Star that we have found an intrusion, an attempt on Jonathan's young life that is likely from beyond earth." Purple said, "Are you sure about that?" Mark III smiled and said, "You will notice I said 'likely'. There is no way in 1950 that it could have been technologically earth based so it was either some form of witchcraft which I find highly unlikely or from beyond earth. However, it was so subtle I will have to ask General Blue Star to put someone on it if he deems it necessary. It is out of my field of expertise."

Purple said,"I will relay your message in the exact language you used for clarity and I wil inform the Galactic robotic Sentient Section of the Galactic Time Guard as to this change." Then Mark III said, "Thanks Purple! You're the Best as always!" She smiled her robotic sentient smile. She knew that Mark III wanted her and she always loved all the attention she could get from a non robotic life form, and especially from Sergeant Mark III. It was why she had chosen to join the Time Guard so quickly after she was built and trained. She desired to be a humanoid since humanoids had designed her ancestors and the closest she could get to that was mating with a humanoid. though Mark III was not humanoid since he was a star plasma being he could appear to be human when wearing the body of Sergeant Mark II or he could manifest as any human body or for that matter anything living or dead from a bug to a rock to a tree to a house. Sergeant Mark III especially enjoyed the sensations of a human being and shared this love with Purple. That was one of the things they had in common, their love and interest in all things human. You could say it was their mutual fetish or hobby or avocation. It was one of the bonds of their deep friendship as beings.

Though Purple had been designed and refined by robotic sentients she still thought of her creators as inspired humanoids and herself as an incredible ecstatic work of art. So whenever any lifeform denigrated her kind she was tempted to disassemble them instantly. However, she had learned the hard way not to do that unless it was a part of her assigned mission parameters.

Purple looked at the Sergeant in a funny way. She said, "Mark III?" "Yes." Mark III replied. "What are we really dealing with here?" He looked suddenly nervous. He said to Purple, "I'm not sure I'm at liberty to discuss this subject fully with you." Purple smiled her wonderful smile and said, "I have as high a level of clearance as you do." "Okay." Mark III said somewhat reluctantly, "I'll share what I know as long as you don't reveal anything to any division of the Galactic Time Guard until after this mission ends and we go our ways again because I cannot vouch for the truth of any of this. Purple was suddenly interested. "Yes?" she said. He said, "Then you agree to these conditions?" "If you insist." she said. However, Mark III could tell she was pouting at having to agree to this.

It is rumored that Jonathan is a multiple Galactic Phenomenon or phenomenons." "What can that mean?" Purple said perplexed. Mark III went on, "That particular usage of words is reserved for the direct relatives of the Galactic Sentience. But you must understand that it normally only refers to a single Galactic Phenomenon. However, we are dealing with 'Multiple" Galactic Phenomenon. I researched this very quickly on my wrist watch translation dictionary for the Time Guard. Listen to what it specifically said, "A Multiple Galactic Phenomenon can only refer to the Creator of the Galaxy or his Queen or both of them acting as one or more phenomenons." Purple's eyes got very big. She said, "You mean Jonathan has the same seed soul as the King and or Queen Creators of this Galaxy?" Mark III noddoded and said, "That is the rumor. However, I can't vouch for it." She said, "What do you think it might really mean?" "I think it might mean that Jonathan, Arcane, His Oneness and maybe others in other times and places are realy this Multiple Galactic Phenomenon or Phenomenons." Purple smiled. "This is pretty amazing stuff, Mark III." "Remember it is only a rumor and not authenticated in any way. In fact if you or I tried hard to authenticate it we might just disappear and never be heard from again. I believe we are allowed to know this information it it is true so we can better serve His Holiness, The Galactic Sentience and then Jonathan, His Oneness and Arcane who are some of the manifestations of the present Multiple Galactic Phenomenons." "Then you think if you are correct it is plural?" "Yes. I believe that is the case." Purple said, "Then this quite likely is the most important assignment we have ever had or might ever have?" "Yes." Mark III answered.

Purple suddenly stopped talking and listening to think and do research on the millions of implications of all this and then a few moments later said, "I have seen that your theory has a probability of being 99.9% correct. Mark III's eyes got very big and said, "If that's true then it is even more certain than I thought. However, for both our long term safety we must go on as if it is only a theory or a rumor." said Mark III. Purple said, "I agree." Mark III secretly smiled. He could not have done this research without drawing potentially lethal suspicion upon himself. In other words he could not have gotten away with it. However, Purple had just done it and revealed the answer he had suspected instinctually all along. He was right! Amazing!

11:15 am pdt June 29th 2005

Yesterday was very interesting. Being both a lifetime psychic and Seer and spiritually based person I find myself living in between worlds so to speak. Yesterday, my shamanic side went into full gear. I was doing some recycling when I noticed that unusual events were occuring. Now, the average person living in a technological world would not pick up such events but someone who is both gifted and trained in both Shamanic arts and Tibetan ways of compassion like myself would see the inner workings.

It started quite innocuous when I picked up an unusual small object and realized it was not what it appeared to be because it spoke mind to mind. It said, "I'm not what you think. Leave me where I am." Knowing who was talking to me and realizing it was in scanning or protective mode I replaced the object where it was. Later I noticed a small leaf in an unusual place. Later I noticed this leaf had not only made its way into the house but onto a chair without my help. I found this to be very unusual also. Then I turned a light on and a delta pattern surrounded the leaf and I knew Purple was revealing herself to me. Several nights before I noticed the light bulb over the large shower adjoining our bedroom would go on for an hour and then go off for an hour. The first 10 times it did this I was oblivious and thought about changing the bulb. Then I thought of Mark III's meditational habits and that he was communicating with me. Since both of them were obviously communicating with me in multiple ways I began to think what this might mean. I realized they were simply saying, "Everything is all right. We are on the job throughout your life and so on and so on. Be not afraid!" I take great comfort that His Oneness and the Galactic Sentience care enough about my work and me and mine to continue their care of my life and family through Mark III and Purple Delta 7.

Purple and Mark III discuss life on Earth

Mark III said, "Purple!" "Yes. My friend." Mark III continued, "Have you done any research into Time battle etiquette regarding Earth?" "Interesting that you would mention it. I have.", said Purple. "What do the parameters look like?" Purple said, "It's basicly what you would expect from a place like Earth and the types of Governments here. Since the people of earth know nothing about the Galactic Government or time travel there are no publicly sanctioned rules. When this happens on a planet the rules then revert to the Galacticly recognized owner of the planet and the timelines of the planet. In the case of Earth the Galaxy owns earth because of what happened to Maldek which became the Asteroid belt. The timelines of earth were given to His Oneness of Lemuria. Since we were hired by the Galactic Sentience and His Oneness and commissioned by them both to protect both Jonathan and family and all children he has and or raises or adopts and to protect him from all of the above as well as from all those outside the circle of family or friends our job is pretty wide open in regard to defining parameters." Mark III thought about all this for a moment. He then said, "What I'm trying to get at Purple is how are time battles fought in this context?" Purple got it and said, "Like this. A screen appeared in front of her that was a duplicate of His Onenesses time pool." Mark III said, "Wow! I've only heard of these." She smiled knowingly and said, "We have been given access to the time pool only in regard to protecting Jonathan and his family and dynastic progeny." Mark III said, "So this gives us access from his conception in 1947 to at least 10,000 years into the future." Purple looked amused. "Now this is the really amazing part, my friend, we have access to everything Jonathan's soul does in any body from 7 million years BC to 7 million years AD." Mark III said, "I don't believe you!" Purple said, "I wouldn't either if I were in your shoes. However, the Galactic Sentience wants to protect Jonathan because, now get this, he is one of the incarnations of his Grandfather who created the Galaxy just as you thought!" Mark said, "We were right then!" Purple smiled again, "Not only that we are to protect all the incarnations of the present Galactic Sentience's Grandmother as well."

Mark made a face. "I don't like all this added responsibility. It makes me nervous. I'm glad we will learn secrets that no one else knows but then you know we will either be kept as guards in the inner circle or we will be terminated when this job is over. Purple said, "Yes but this means that we both can potentially live around 14 million years in the process." Mark III was amazed. She was absolutely right! He thought for a moment of all the consequences. He was amazed. Purple would be renewed with the latest technology at every point she needed or His Oneness or the Galactic Sentience wanted.

Added October 11, 2005

After patrolling time for a good period Mark said to Purple, "I've found something that we might need to pass through Jonathan to Arcane and His Oneness and the Time Guard." Purple came to life suddenly. "What is it?" she said. It was normal for her to power down to conserve energy if she wasn't completing an obvious tasks or tasks. Mark said, "Purple I have found a link that tells me that the 21st century governments of earth have tracked forward through time to 7000+ ad to the Crystal Time Palace near the Matterhorn." Purple said, "Well. that's news! Let me check to see if it warrants this linkage?" A second or two later she said, "Yes. My superiors told me that we should enter one of Jonathan's dreams as he is sleeping and tell him of this." Mark said, "Okay. Do you know how to initiate a flawless dream contact?" Purple said, "It is my specialty, Mark!" Moments later they had Jonathan into the proper REM Cycle (Rapid Eye Movement) while sleeping to initiate what they had planned.

Jonathan was dreaming about a south sea island with a warm tropical breeze. Purple walked up to him in his dream as a very beautiful lady and said, "Jonathan?" Jonathan looks perplexed at first and then said, "Do you know me?" "Yes. Jonathan. We are old friends. I'm Purple!" Jonathan said, "Purple. What are you doing here? And how's Mark doing?" She said," Oh he's fine. See this pretty belt?" Jonathan said, "Yeah. that's pretty impressive the way the lights spin around your waist." Purple said, "That's Mark playing." Jonathan gave a funny look and remembered what real characters these two were. Jonathan said, "Oh." Purple looked seriously at Jonathan as he watched the incredibly beautiful sunset in his dream and said, "We need you to relay something to Arcane, His Oneness and through him, The Galactic Sentience." Jonathan spoke lightly in return. He said, "Yes. That's true. I'm becoming Halo now so potentially everything I am aware of Arcane and His Oneness and even His Holiness, The Galactic Sentience are aware of too." "Yes." said Purple that's the point.

When the sunset ended it was another day in the Pacific with tropical breezes. They sat watching the fluffy clouds of the tropics go by at a good clip there at the beach. Jonathan said, "What do you want them to know?"

People are starting to realize that your books aren't fiction, Jonathan. The adepts and psychics understood this first but now even government heads are coming to believe the essence of your books and writings are fact based." Jonathan looked carefully at her. He said, "But wasn't that the idea? To help mankind by giving them enough information to forge ahead successfully for thousands of years?" Purple said, "I didn't design this. I'm just one of your bodyguards." Jonathan said, "Yes. But have you asked whether this should be relayed?" Purple said, "I'm glad you asked that, Jonathan, because it helps me in my work." Purple meant this as it added to the positive recognition of the non-human sentients, a galactic group of which she was a member as a human designed robot sentient. (Actually her ancestors had been human designed and multiple generations of her non human ancestors had then refined and built next generations and the next generations until she was designed and built.) Purple said, "Yes. I asked whether it should be relayed immediately and the answer was 'Yes'."

Jonathan said, "Well. Then you should share with me then." Purple simply drew a square in the air which became a TV of sorts and Jonathan witnessed first hand what Mark had discovered and what they both were now sharing with Arcane, His Oneness, and The Galactic Sentience through the dream consciousness of Jonathan.

This giant dream TV appeared on the beach and soon Jonathan was watching a scene taking place in Washington DC. "Sir. We have found the location of the time generations from what is now Northern Italy near the Matterhorn. We are asking permission to travel forward to try to speak with General Ragna of that Time." "What is it you are trying to accomplish?" "Sir. We are trying to establish communication with that civilization to see if they are allowed to help us maintain life on earth the next few centuries and to keep the American Government and the United Nations intact during this time." "You have my permission to establish diplomatic relations if possible with that civilization. However, you must appear to be non threatening in any way. In other words you must carry a white flag and carry no weapons to that time." said the voice. "Understood, Sir. I'll tell all the potential volunteers that we must be diplomatic and not to carry any weapons."

The scene changed and men in dress suits with convertible backpack-suitcase luggage formed in the early 7000's near the Matterhorn in what is Northern Italy in the 21st century. Immediately, they were surrounded by multiple force fields from the 7000 ad civilization. They asked the time soldiers of that time if they could speak with General Ragna. The men in suits said they were from the early 21st century.

The men in the suits from the U.S were told that General Ragna was not available and that since they were on a diplomatic mission they would see King Interlaken. The men in the suits said that would be acceptable. The next thing they knew they were in a guest room in the palace. A wall screen said, "Please make yourselves at home in these adjoining rooms. You are the guests of His Royal Highness, King Interlaken of New Europe.

John Hand said, "I'm amazed to be here and to be welcomed like this. Will Jordan said, "Are we safe, John?" John said, "I have it on the highest authority that we are." Will said, "Then we have some liason that is known here." John looked strangely at Will and said, "Quite Likely."

Soon King Interlaken welcomed them for dinner. His whole family seemed to be present. This put the US suits at ease.

King Interlaken said, "John Hand. I've heard a lot about you from my agents." John said, "I hope what you heard was good." The King said, "Oh. Yes. We have records of what took place on Tahiti and Hawaii and especially Maui with Celeste Weaver." John turned red but remained polite as he was now functioning as a diplomat. John asked, "How could you see all that?" King Interlaken said, "We can record any aspect of what has already happened on earth as it is actually taking place." John Hand saw the opportunity and went for it. "Your Highness. Is there any way you can help us with Global Warming?" King Interlaken said, "I understand your request but all I am really allowed to share with you is the technology and psychology it will take to survive it with most cultures intact. I can't prevent it. It is simply not allowed."

John Hand said, "Your Highness, we will accept whatever help you can give." His Oneness looked at John Hand for a moment and said, "We are creating a DVD presentation that we will give you. It will consist of multiple discs. However, only the president of the United States and the members of the United Nations Security Councel can know that this is fact and not fiction. These discs can then be shown as a fictional hypothetical documentary about the future of Earth sponsored by whomever you wish in your home times. General Ragna and Elohar are creating it for you right now. Since they can see this meeting as it is happenning they can create the documentary and bring it back through time to this moment. In fact, here is General Ragna right now with the finished product put into laser DVD technology of your era." As His Highness, King Interlaken was speaking General Ragna walked in and handed John Hand the discs in a special multi-DVD case. General Ragna was sort of surprised to see Arcane in John Hands groups pretending to be a 21st century human. The year was now 2005 and John Hand and George Smith(Arcane) and his wife Celeste were chosen to be a part of this time expedition forward in time to ask for help with the problem of Global warming.

One of the fictional movies spawned from this documentary considered hypothetical by cable tv watchers was "The Day After Tomorrow". Only a handful of world leaders knew the orginial documentary was factual and taken from actual footage from the 21st to 25th centuries by General Ragna and his Time Cadre as well as original footage from CNN and other news companies during those centuries.

By the 70th Century in which King Interlaken and Ragna and Elohar lived all this was ancient history. The real change in their timeline was the extra synthetic ozone in the air replaced by technology to protect the skin of 70th century humans. This extra ozone made ones nose feel a little carbonation while breathing or talking and had changed slightly the color spectrum on earth into a more green and purple range. Otherwise John hand George Smith(Arcane) and Celeste Weaver felt pretty much at home there.

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