Wednesday, September 9, 2009

moving website

I have had a 10 year free website at geocities which I found great to store information in a more archival manner but one in which anyone who knew my web address could easily navigate to all the pages, books and ideas that I put there. However, blogspot is great if you want to read what I have written in the last month but harder if you want to easily find my articles more than in the last month.

My new website is called and it is easy for me because my email is The problem I'm experiencing is that even though I moved my internet domain to another website name, since I wrote all my code in html and not in some web builder type of software it may take me time to rebuild it because I was horrified when none of my buttons were working at either my old site or my new one and I don't know how long it's going to take me to rebuild a new one using some type of website builder because I'm used to building a site directly from html code.
So it is all new and kind of confusing still so I have a lot to learn.

dragonofcompassion has been the first part of almost every email address I have had and it comes from my Character Arcane who was a Dragon of Compassion on his planet New Deva. He was a Dragon of Compassion and a priest scientist and a warrior during his planet's war with Isfahel, another planet in their solar system. Dragon of compassion denotes Fierce compassion as opposed to powerless compassion. Compassion is always best if it comes from strength rather than weakness. Compassion from strength is also the basis of chivalry and knighthood in an idealistic sense the beginning of gentlemen and compassionate warriors in Western Culture protecting the rights and possessions of men, women and children. This has lead to the European Union, the United States, the Magna Carta, Parliaments, Great Britain, the Declaration of Independence and the concept of a Constitution created by representatives of nations, states and sometimes companies of men and women and also some businesses. So the primary concept behind the Dragons of Compassion is a compassion and kind civilizing force that comes from strength and civility the is mentioned in my online book, "Memories".

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