Monday, September 21, 2009

Humanity: 100,000 years into the future

You might ask me why think about this? My answer is that if no one thinks about this it simply won't happen. If no one thinks about how to accomplish this we might be gone within 100 years.

Since I'm a precognitive psychic and have been one since I was born I often see things before they happen. One of the difficult things about this is that often I know what will happen to them by a few decisions they make. Often only one or two decisions a person makes decides whether they live to be old and happy and loved or dead young or suffering, lonely and old.

However, what can be said for a person can also be said for a world civilization. And the decisions we make as groups and individuals will eventually decide whether our world civilization lives or dies.

For example, if world civilizations keep disagreeing and fighting over stupid things we will all be so focused on the fight that something really stupid will kill us all that we never thought of. Where are the Easter Island people now or the Mayan civilization. Where are the 13 to 20 million Native Americans that were alive in the U.S. when Columbus first landed. The answer is that most of them died from smallpox or Black plague brought by the colonists. Since the native Americans weren't exposed to these things or even influenza often tribes lost 90% to 95% of their tribes after the first trappers past through their village.

Without smallpox, influenza and Black plague the United States could not have been so easily colonized with so little loss of colonist life.

It's always the unexpected things that doom a civlization, things that aren't obvious at first. So, if we want our descendants to still be here 100,000 years from now we all need to get busy.

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