Sunday, September 27, 2009

sharilhindman1 said...

Hi, Fred.

Your post is a really important one. I have a friend that is a naturopathic doctor and she works with ADD/ADHD/autistic kids. She told me that before she can ever start any program with them, she has to detox them from mercury. I have such respect for her pioneering spirit and the patience she has to work at this from such an environmental angle. She is my same friend that worked with massage therapists and found that the ingestion of oil and the toxins in the oil through the hands was causing some pretty serious illness. Again, environmental basis for many, many problems. Recently, the lead in lipstick really outraged me but I felt that it was glossed over in the news. Thanks for the great information. Oh, BTW, I am a big proponent of Nordic Naturals. Not only do their fish oil products work, this company has the best environmental ethics that I have seen. My favorite herbal company is GAIA Herbs - again a giant in the industry doing so much to preserve and interact profoundly with the plants.
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I wasn't aware of the mercury effect on ADD/ADHD/ and Autistic kids but it does make sense. A friend of mine swears his child's disabilities come from mercury and other impurities in kids shots. It is one of the many reasons that parents are refusing giving their kids shots as much because no one really knows why so many autistic, ADD and ADHD children are being born. I believe it is from the polution in the evironment building up. As this pollution builds up it will genetically modify all of us. What I mean by this is only the people that can survive in a polluted environment will.

For example, the genetics of the people in the American revolution I believe has been extremely modified by all the changes in the world, including sound pollution, radio waves, TV waves, cell phone signals, ground pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion etc. Each of these things and more select out people with certain genetic traits. Let's hope we still have kind, decent survivors who help each other and the world 500 years from now.

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