Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ghost: The movie

Since Patrick Swayze passed away recently my wife and daughter were sad about that. Tonight I tried to DVR "Ghost" but realized I had missed the first 1/2 hour and my 13 year old daughter hadn't seen it yet. So my wife called around to Blockbusters in the area and we found a copy to rent in a nearby town within 10 miles and I went out to get the DVD to make my wife and daughter happy.

I have always loved this movie because as an intuitive it is kind of how I experience everything.

For example, if you do good things then good things await you and if you do bad things to beings those very same beings will be waiting for you for revenge when you pass on. I don't believe in Hell but I see how people create their own heaven or hell wherever they go before being born, after being born and after passing on. This is my experience everyday.

Have I always been perfect. Far from it. But I have always tried to be kind to all beings. I have made mistakes just like everyone else but I find generally God is much stricter with me than most people. This kept me out of a lot of trouble along the way.
God gave me a choice starting at age 10 to obey his strict rules or die. Most people chose life over death.

So, I guess what I'm saying is those of us who are God's intuitives have a purpose here on earth and that we are protected in special ways, but only first after being threatened with death if we misuse God's gifts that he has given us.

You may think it is wonderful to have such gifts. However, if you experienced what I did between ages 10 and 15 I don't think you would have wanted that. I was terrified within an inch of my life and almost died before I learned the rules and learned the ropes of what was allowed and what wasn't. It was terrifying and I barely survived all the testing.

Even still at 61 I find God asks more and more of me every day and I don't always understand what God wants so even now it can be scary. But I'm really glad I don't have to do ages 10 to 15 again. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

However, in the end, Ghost is pretty much the way things really work. I know, I see it and live it every day. Friends and relatives that have died asking me what to do next has been pretty normal for me for years. And at times I have to call Archangel Michael because dead people sometimes get pretty hysterical and out of hand when they first realize that they are dead just like in the movie, especially if it is sudden and somewhat unexpected. However, the movie is pretty much the way things actually work. You don't have to believe me. However, after you have passed on you will wish you had.

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