Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amazing Sunday Sept. 27th 2009

Life comes at us all from all directions at once every day so even I as a lifelong intuitive have times when I question my intuitive abilities and sometimes momentarily become overwhelmed. This past week I have felt physically fragile, for example, but many times that just means there is going to be an earthquake, war or something else extreme about to happen within about 7 days. So often I just look for the event and usually it doesn't feel as stressful after the event takes place. But it is also like being the canary in the coal mine so to speak.

Today I was overwhelmed with another of the thousands of confirmations of my abilities and gifts given by and monitored by God.

I had been shown a date which I then wrote down sometime between 1999 and 2002. The date was September 18th 7028 AD. I was told this was the date to remember about Elohar and Ragna on their timeline here on Earth. Then when I rented a motorhome in Munich, Germany in October 1999 with my then 10(now 20 year old daughter) and my mother who was then about 80 but who passed away last year. At that time I picked up my son (who was then 25) and traveling with a high school buddy on a eurail pass throughout Europe for several months. We all met in Munich and I rented a 6 passenger diesel powered motor home with a Fiat diesel 5 speed stickshift in order to more safely navigate the more dangerous roads in the Alps of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. In Italy not far from Aoste I drove up into the Alps towards the Matterhorn looking for Elohar And Ragna's 7028 AD UFO site. When I found it I had to laugh because it was called: "The Dalai Lama Camping Club" in this timeline and at that date of October 1999.

Then in the Christina Hotel in Aoste over a restaurant and Bar my mother and daughter and I rented a room to rest since my son and his friend had headed south further into Italy and I had to drive the Motor Home back to Munich to fly to London and after I visited "Glastonbury Tull" (The Isle of Avalon) and possible home to the "Holy Grail" I was to fly home to San Francisco with my daughter and mother via a polar 11 hour flight from London. When I woke up in Christina Hotel in Aoste I looked out because I heard a noise and was amazed to see Elohar and Ragna get out of a much bigger Motorhome next to my own rental. So this was a double confirmation of what I was doing there.

Now this morning less than 1/2 hour ago I finally realized that the date I was given between 1999 and 2002 of September 18th, 7028 directly correlates to September 18th 2008 which was the day my mother passed away. I realized my mother was trying to say, "Freddie. You got it right. I'm Elohar too!"

So, whether reincarnation is simaltaneous where one lives all incarnations at once or whether it is sequential or random in time I know for sure my mother is somehow also Elohar in the year 7028.

If you want to read more about my mother as Elohar read: "Memories: The whole book here" if you are at right now and are still in September 2009. If it is now later than september 2009 you can click on the september 2009 button and search for the book or you can go direct to my web site and read it there in 7 web pages. It is not that long it is only about 125 typewritten pages long in actual length. Also at the website are character based sequels under the headings His Oneness , Arcane, Celeste, Jonathan, Ragna. As I have the time and am inspired I continue to write as becomes the right time to make certain things public. So, "Hi Mom, 5,020 years from last September 18th 2008.

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