Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Little Avocado that Could


In 1973 Jonathan Flow had worked for a company situated in several hundred acres of avocado trees in San Diego County. The avocado trees like Jonathan Flow as he was one of the few humans that was good at communicating with plants, trees animals(everything alive everywhere). So over the years the avocado trees heard relays of Jonathan's whereabouts as well as his wife and children as he moved and traveled and worked all over California and Hawaii over the years. Then one day in 1994 one of the father avocado trees that had known Jonathan in 1973 talked to his son growing into an avocado and said to him, "Y'know I think I can arrange for you to get sold to Jonathan where he lives in Northern California. Would you like that son? And the little avocado said, "Maybe he will eat my green stuff and plant my seed and I can grow into a tree for him?" The Father avocado tree said, "Well Son. That's a pretty tall order for trees that don't have any legs but it might happen." The son said, "I bet you and I could make this happen, Dad."

And it did.

So after Jonathan ate the green stuff and turned it into guacamole for dipping corn chips into he planted the seed with toothpicks in a paper cup. At first it was just 3 toothpicks resting on the lip of the paper cup filled with water but then later when the avocado pit actually sprouted he eventually put potting soil into the paper cup when the sprout reached about 5 to 6 inches tall. When the sprout reached one foot tall he transferred the sprouted avocado pit now a very small avocado tree into a larger pot. As the tree grew through the years he moved it into larger and larger pots. Now it is in a 3 foot wide pot three feet high 15 years later and the avocado pit is now an avocado tree about 6 feet tall. However, remember I live in Northern California the last 15 years or more and this isn't the perfect climate for avocado trees. However, the little avocado pit is now a tree 6 feet high and has been my friend for 15 years now.

I put three pits in with him this last year and they all sprouted and are 6 to 12 inches tall each too so he could have avocado friends. However, this is the biggest clay pot I could put him into. So I'm trying to figure out whether he could survive the relatively cold winters here(for California) if I planted him in the ground here or would it be better to transport him to southern California where I might not see him again. I haven't had to make that decision yet so we'll see if and when that happens.

The Little Avocado that Could.

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