Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inglorious Basterds

Even though the name Basterds is misspelled it is intentional. And it is important to say right off the bat the movie is completely fictional. So, you feel like you are watching another comic book movie. It is very artistically done and expect to be emotionally ravaged rather that a whole lot of blood and guts(although there is that too) but compared to Kill Bill 1 and 2 it is a baby story. But emotionally he cuts the audience deep. So don't expect to leave the movie unscathed unless you really can keep telling yourselves you are watching a fictitious comic book written by Tarantino.

What I found amazing is that in a strange way the Inglorious Basterds are terorists and at one point some of them strap bombs to themselves. So, in a very strange way you finally get to the point of seeing the Inglorious Basterds as American Jewish Terrorists against the Nazis who are willing to do literally anything to piss the Nazis off including the scalping and disemboweling of their victims. But for those of you who might be squeamish you don't see disemboweling, mostly slaughter of people unarmed by machine gun and guns and one by a baseball bat. But if you can handle it I found Inglorious Basterds maybe the next best movie to Pulp Fiction, which I feel was Tarantinos penultimate movie so far. But that's just me.

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