Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Climate Change Tipping Point

Begin quote from above web article
"It's the same phenomenon of sudden collapse that can be seen in any number of complex systems that seem perfectly stable, until they're not — ecosystems, financial markets, even epileptic seizures. The trick is to identify the warning signs that indicate a tipping point — and collapse — are about to be reached and to take action to avoid them."end quote

As an intuitive this statement I experience every day. So, my reaction to it is basically, "How do I deal with this experience?"

My answer more and more is to pray for all beings human plant and animal that will transition from physical life over the next centuries because of all these changes. But also to pray for those who will remain here and feel alone because of all the loss of life.

In another sense though the saying, "You are dying from the moment you are born", is also true. So in that same sense all sense we have of a 'Forever continuity' is in the end an illusion we foster (at least physically) to cope with a temporary time in a temporary world.

It is likely that many people around the world will become more and more unrealistic about all this as hundreds dying turnes to thousands dying turns to millions dying and billions dying from global climate change. This change is inevitable. It behooves us to find ways to cope with this so that the malaise isn't so great that society stops functioning completely and humans go extinct (at least as a world civilization).

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