Saturday, September 19, 2009

Memories: The Book Sept. 19 2009

Since I haven't yet had time to make my new website work and since sending my index page to this new site killed my old site somehow and since I have at least 1000 typewritten pages there and 10 to 30 years of written work there(depending upon your point of view) I thought I should at least get Memories up here at blogspot in this months buttons for all to see that might want to read it. So until I can figure out how to untangle the html to web builder program mess I'll at least have an online copy of my online book here at

By reading the introduction you will likely know if this will be your cup of tea or not.

note: However, as I try to do this I find that I cannot because for some reason no longer recognizes things I have written independently of each other but only as what I wrote within an entire month if it is one or more months before now. I think this is to save money as most businesses are trying to save money and give less services during these times. So it's back to the drawing board once again to try to provide you with an opportunity to read my online book.

Note 2: I have finally figured out how to make the web builder work (somewhat) and how to convert some of my html files into this new format with relative success. I will let you know when I have it up and running again as a full website. I usually try to do text only pretty much as I'm trying to be more a writer than an illustrator or photographer. Though I have always been a musician too and even have played music at times with professionals I have never tried to make a living being a musician like many of my friends have. If you like California Cosmic music or New Age Music check out my friend Anton's music at or some of his early stuff that he gave me permission to put out at youtube under the heading intuivefred888. There is also an early California Cosmic song of mine (1969) that Anton recorded before he became famous as a New Age Musician. However, even his high school band opened for the group Chicago, I believe at the LA Forum around 1969. And almost all his rock group became lifelong professional musicians.

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