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The Legends of Saint Germain


In the above web article I tried to illustrate the historical parts of the Comte De Saint Germain. So if you want more the historical part please read that article. However, in this article I will touch upon the Legends of Saint Germain that I have read of and heard of in my life.

When we move into discussing legends of anything or anyone it is much like discussing the legends of say, Jesus or Buddha or of any of the Saints for thousands of years. It is mostly a matter of what works for you and of belief. So if you are looking for more hard evidence you will have to find that elsewhere. What I'm trying to do is to research how beings like Francis Bacon and the Shakespearean plays got interfaced with the legends of Saint Germain, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania and the like. Since I have been exposed to much of this information most of my life I guess I'm trying to make a synthesis here of what I have learned and studied of and of why all this is important to me and possibly to you as well.

For me to even start to make sense of all this I have to go back to Jesus and the Irish Catholic Monks bringing Christianity to Ireland and the British Isles sometimes between 500 AD to 1000 AD. Then to add to that we have to combine it with local religious customs that might have looked more like Druidic or Merlinic and like that. For example, many people who believe in Saint Germain also believe one of his incarnations was as Merlin, the magician who helped bring about King Arthur through King Uther's desires and then Merlin then helped raise Arthur to become a King of England. So, if you believe in reincarnation and then believe in Jesus, then Merlin and then of King Arthur, then you might also believe that when Merlin reincarnated as Francis Bacon he stayed alive and feigned his death and eventually became Prince Ragocy and Saint Germain. Some also believe that this same soul was also St. Francis of Assisi that the city of San Francisco was named after in California.

When I was born I was taught that Saint Germain had also been born as Joseph, the Father of Jesus by the time I was 2 or 3 years old. So, my experience of who Jesus was and of his spiritual younger brother, Saint Germain, was a part of my life growing up and had been fully instilled in me by age 21. So, this was what I was taught in my church growing up. So, in the 1950s if you were alive back then you know that I wouldn't have run around telling everyone of my beliefs, especially back then.

However, I digress. So what I'm trying to get at is the melding pot of life experiences that the legends of Francis Bacon and Saint Germain came up out of and why all these things including some of the excesses of King Henry VIII led to the Episcopal Church of England and then changed the world in a variety of ways. I'm not saying here that there is anything wrong with Catholicism. What I am saying is that life always seems to find a way forward through any situation. And without the craziness of King Henry VIII or the craziness of King George it is unlikely that the United States as a separate state from the British Empire could ever have been.

It is like the philosopher Descartes said, "There is nothing so good that no bad may come from it nor something so bad that no good may come from it." Purists probably would hate this saying but for us pragmatists that statement is just how life basically is. We may not like it but to survive life we must acknowledge that it this statement is just the rules of the road.

However, if we are talking about God and angels then we are talking about another dimension that may intersect with the physical but that has different rules than the physical world does.

Many of not most people who believe in Saint Germain as one of Jesus' Saints and as one of Jesus' younger friend brothers in spirit, See Saint Germain as having attained perfection in 1684.

So if Saint Germain's physical body started out as Francis Bacon, since Francis Bacon of England was born in 1561, he would have been 123 years old when he attained a perfected state like raised Angel or a heaven type of being like Jesus. Then if we are talking about the Comte De Saint Germain, he was known by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette while they were still alive. He was also known to have visited the colonies before and during the Revolutionary war and knew many of the founders of the United States like Thomas Jefferson who said of Francis Bacon that he was one of the three greatest men of all time in history. I think he said, "Bacon, Locke, and Newton".

So, if we carry Francis Bacon who was supposedly born in 1561 and then we believe that Bacon become Prince Ragocy and the Comte De Saint Germain then we know that there are reports of the Comte De Saint Germain until the French Revolution which was in the 1790s. So if this was the same being in 1793 for example, he would now be 232 years old.

Then we have things like the Bi-literal code, (which is now being reprinted). It is called "The bi-literal cypher of Sir Francis Bacon discover in his works and deciphered" in paperback. I found it at amazon.com

The cipher(Francis Bacon's book on codes and ciphers was preeminent until World War II)

Written within the original manuscripts of the Shakespearean plays were 7 codes or ciphers. The bi-literal code was but the first.

In fact, many of the ideas for the nation we now live in in detail came from Francis Bacon's writings. Thomas Jefferson was one of the American founding fathers that shared some of Francis Bacon's dreams for a good future for all beings.

Though I could go on and write some more my fingers are asking for a rest at the keyboard so I think I'll go do something else.

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