Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Prepare for Multigalactic and interdimentional contact

Someone might wonder why I wrote the Memories series. The primary reason is to prepare as many humans of earth as possible for galactic, multi-galactic and multi-dimentional contact. My experiences of this lifetime are not unusual or exclusively mine. Many of you will relate in a variety of ways about what I write. I write to prepare as many as possible for the very unusual experiences some people are bound to have along the way in regard to life that is different from what is described in most college texts both on earth and beyond earth.

After all, we on earth only have about 100 or more descriptions of any reality we observe. However, there are literally millions of descriptions of reality to any given moment we observe. We both increase and decrease our knowledge simultaneously when we limit any given reality to one description. So I write to broaden your perspective of what is actually happening in your lives every day. Think of Thoreau for example with his writings on ants for example. What he observed is real and when he compared it to humans fighting like the two warring anthills he wasn't far wrong in regard to how some humans like ants fight to the death.

Being able to observe multiple realities in any given moment allows one to not be so close minded and one dimensional that they become a psychological or physical threat to others. So, I'm trying to create and encourage people to become more open minded intuitive and yet scientific by my writings. If you combine this with common sense
you will really have something.

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