Thursday, September 3, 2009

notes on Purple Delta 7 9-03-09


I have written about Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III for almost 10 years now. Purple Delta 7 is a multipurpose robotic sentient multiform capable of any size from an atom to a planet or larger in size with mass add-ons available to her. She is also capable of appearing to be anything from a mouse to a person to a tree to a boulder to a bridge to a mountain. In other words she is capable of appearing to be anything alive or dead in a totally convincing way. Sergeant Mark III is essentially a Star Plasma being who sometimes inhabits the human body of his deceased war buddy. When he is not wearing the body of his deceased friend he keeps the body in stasis so it can be available for life whenever he wants to use the body. His favorite pastime on earth is to travel back and forth from a light bulb back and forth to the electrical generating station through the electrical wires.

Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III (II is actually the plasma being and III is when he was wearing his dead war buddies body. (His friend died in a battle alongside Sergeant Mark II in a Galactic battle and asked him to keep and use his body after he died). So he is honoring his friend's wish by keeping his body alive even though his friend died. If you want to read some of what I already wrote about them try this web address:
Also, other things I have written about Purple Delta 7 are mostly at the next address:
Also, though "2035" is mostly about Silver in New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Purple Delta 7 is also in this one as well.

I was thinking today about something I wrote about Purple Delta 7 in the past. At one point I mentioned that she had to blow up the solar system before time was adjusted so it never happened. When I went in and intuited about this I realized that there are instances where chemical and nuclear reactions and other kinds of problems could jeopardize the existence of the galaxy. Under these conditions since Purple Delta 7s primary role now in the solar system is to guard the time line of Galactic Soul Royalty on Earth, she could be called upon to do almost anything to protect the Galaxy by the Galactic Time Guard which she is affiliated with presently. So, the fact that she could take the solar system temporarily out of existence and the next instant be a part of a time cleanup where the disappearance of the solar system never took place(at least as far as the people of earth are concerned) shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

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