Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The UC CSU nightmare continues

My son is at one of the CSU campuses in California. That is very lucky for him as no new freshmen are being admitted and he said that no transfer students are being admitted at any UC or CSU campus now. He also said 400 classes have been dropped from his CSU alone.

If you have a child who just graduated high school in California, either send them to junior college and then to an out of state school or a private college when they transfer as juniors. Or you can send them to an out of state university or to a private college in California now.

However, it is hard to say how long the UC system and the CSU system will be out of whack. So education for Californians and for out of state and out of country people interested in going to a state funded California University just ended for new freshman and new transfer students(most transfer students are students transferring from community colleges to a junior upper division level at universities).

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