Monday, September 28, 2009

Love is a Difficult thing

No pain. No gain. Let's be honest. If you are going to experience love at some point you are going to experience pain. It is in the nature of the thing. However, without love life isn't worth living even one day. What I'm talking about here is all kinds of love. The love you have for a good friend
the love you have for your Mom and Dad
the love you have for your country, city, state
the love you have for you area and climate
the love you have for your planet and sky and ocean
the love you have for yourself and all mankind
and, last but certainly not least the love you have for one or more significant others
throughout your life.

When there is love eventually, sooner or later there will be loss.

It's just a part of the territory. In some ways it is better to get this suffering out of the way early because if it comes after 50 years you may not survive it if your significant other passes away. Sometimes, if the pain comes early it is better even though you might feel at the time that you are going to die. Unless you are really stupid you usually don't die. You just have to change into someone slightly different than you were. And there are sometimes those rebound affairs that can be either wonderful or terrible or usually both. But some how rebound affairs can keep you alive after having lost someone by breaking up or through death.

I have loved many in my life and have been sort of fearless about the whole thing I realize now many years later. Whether I was really brave or just stupid to live that way is open to conjecture. But bravado was my nature and the way my relatives always were on my Dad's side. Even though I realize in the long run I suffered a lot from my bravado. I also realize it has made all the best parts of my life as well. So not only love but bravery and bravado and all that is a two edged sword as well. Remember, the world has been full of brave warriors who never lived long enough to pass on their seed to the next generation. That is something to think about right there.

Don't underestimate the importance of love in your life. Whether you are a man or woman love is necessary for life. And it doesn't matter whether it is love at a distance or love up close, without love we are all just walking robots.

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