Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prayers: Mom's and mine

My mother was taught this prayer during the 1920's when she was a little child:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

It is important to remember that in the 1920s infant and child mortality was still very high. For example, if you had 8 children during the 1800s(People had many more children then than now), you could expect only 4 of them to ever see adulthood and you would consider yourself then very lucky.

And even during the 1920s in the United States if you had those same 8 children you still expected to lose 2 to 3 of them before adulthood. It wasn't until penicillin was invented and polio shots were invented that the child mortality rate came down.

When I was born I was taught a protection prayer called a decree when I was a baby.

Since I memorized it then I still know it:

Beloved "I Am" Presence (Invoking my personal God self)
enfold me now in my Mighty Magic Electronic tube (creating a force field)
of Ascended Master Light substance
Make it so powerful that no Human creation can pass through
See that it makes me invisible, invincible and invulnerable
to everything but thy Divine Perfection

(then inside the force field I was taught to invoke the violet consuming sacred Fire
that consumes all bad karma and all negative energy or karma directed consciously or unconsciously against me by any beings)

Beloved Mighty "I AM" Presence Blaze up through me now your Violet Consuming Flame
the purifying power of divine love in its most powerful activity
See that it keeps me invisible, invincible and invulnerable to all
but thy Almighty perfection
And hold me forever within thy Embrace.

Beloved "I Am" Beloved "I Am" Beloved "I AM" (similar to saying AMEN)

Now, for many of you this will be entirely alien and confusing but this was what my parents taught me and I found it extremely efficient and useful and very helpful and protecting to me while growing up during the 1950s. But only my closest and most trusted friends would I share even the fact that my religion was similar to Christian Science in its demeanor. Because in the 1950s people were still extremely close minded still and having any opinion out of the ordinary could directly or indirectly be fatal to ones body or life or even making a living. So one had to be extremely careful what one did and said.

Even now, if I was not in Coastal California which is extremely international and relatively speaking probably the most all inclusive place on earth and fairly laid back about it I would not be writing about all this now.

At age 21 I was excommunicated from my childhood religion for being too 1960s and for believing that "God is where you find, Him, Her, the Being" which most religions couldn't cope with either for that matter. So, if you want to stay in your religion don't tell them that "God is where you find, Him, Her, the Being" unless you too want to be ostracized and shunned like I was.

However, being excommunicated from my childhood religion was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me even though it took me to the brink of suicide for a few years and tends to be either mentally or physically fatal for most people. Luckily, I am very spiritually strong and survived unlike many people.

At age 27 I met Elizabeth Clare Prophet while swimming on the beach in Del Mar, California and realized I just met a kindred spirit. Two years later my mother and I went to Summit University. Since I was a new single father of a 3 year old son then he went to the Summit Montessori School then and learned another variation of the "Tube of Light" than I learned. It went like this:

Beloved "I AM" Presence Bright
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master Flame
Called forth now in God's own name
Let it keep my Temple Free
From all Discord sent to me

"I Am" calling forth Violet Fire
To raise and Transmute all desire
Calling now in Freedom's name
'Till "I AM" one with the Violet Flame


So now I have given you families chidren's prayers from the 1920s until around 1980.

Though I still use these prayers it is more like in an emergency. However, I find I can visualize and make real these prayers in an instant and I can feel them manifesting whenever I need them.

There was a gentleman from Africa that I heard Speak who was a part of one of the governments of Ghana. For a time Elizabeth Clare Prophet's religion "The Church Universal and Triumphant" (Summit Lighthouse) was the state sanctioned religion there.

When that government was overthrown one of the ministers of the government was to be shot by a firing squad the next day. He did the "Beloved "I AM" Presence Bright" version of the Tube of Light all night long and when he was shot by the firing squad the bullets hit the Tube and fell to the ground. After the firing squad shot him several times and the bullets kept hitting the Tube of Light and falling to the ground the officer realized he was a holy man and they let him go.

I heard him speak of this at a Sunday Church service here in the U.S.

In the future people will devise other useful prayers to keep their children alive and protected by Jesus, his Angels and all the Heavenly Hosts.

Just like doctors will devise ways to keep more and more people alive through all kinds of difficulties, religious scientists will devise more and more efficient prayers to scientifically and using spiritual technology help people live more and more at peace and fulfilled in progressively more enlightened ways.

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