Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

I met Lama Zopa Rinpoche when I was meeting many many lamas and rinpoches in my life during 1983. I was introduced to so many lamas that they were a blur and then I did not understand all the nuances. But I did understand one thing as an intuitive. There were lamas that were somewhat like regular people you meet every day and there were exceptional Lamas who looked right through you and who were much better at this than I at age 35 at the time in 1983. The Green Dragon of Compassion that the student from Singapore speaks of in the Dream-vision, he said was in a thanka (Tibetan Buddhist religious painting). It is pronounced something like you pronouce "Tonka" as in children's tonka trucks.

Earlier this same year I had been on a 4 day vision quest under the tutelage of a Blackfoot-Sioux Medicine man. I went into the sweat lodge on the river and as I was entering the lodge the river turned brown. I saw the look of the medicine man and it could only be fear at this point, possibly not knowing what this omen meant. To me, it was a world cleansing. That is what I sensed was going on. After the sweat lodge he sent me upriver to a bear wallow that I had chosen for my 4 days without water or food while praying for helpful visions of how to live my life and what to do in my life. Two visions stood out from all the others and in one of them I became a 50 foot tall gigantic golden white dragon that blew out golden fire upon everyone, upon thousands of people. But the people were not burned, they only smiled and became enlightened. This vision was before I met all the lamas but one. I had met one lama, Gyaltrul Rinpoche 3 years earlier in Ashland, Oregon and he had given me the Thousand Buddhas Empowerment,"The Sword Which Pierces all Defilement" and I had as I walked into the room for the empowerment the single most amazing supernatural experience of my lifetime up to that time in my life. So I was not likely to ever forget meeting my first Tibetan Lama. And because of this I knew it was a part of my future path but that I must prepare for it. And studying with Native American Medicine men was how I prepared and how I was shown to prepare for my many future initiations and incredibly powerful experiences with Tibetan Lamas and Monks in California, Oregon, India and Nepal between 1983 to 1986 specifically and bringing Geshe Lobsang Gyatso to the U.S. in 1986 to teach here.

So, 1980 when I had my first Tibetan Buddhist experience and initiation began some of the most amazing, compassionate and useful (to everyone) experiences of my present lifetime.

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