Tuesday, September 15, 2009

City of the Angels

It should be no surprise to most people that Los Angeles translates from Spanish to
"The Angels" and that I think the original name for Los Angeles translates to something like "Our city of Mary, Queen of the Angels" and over time the name "Los Angeles" stuck and so became literally "The City of the Angels".

And it should be no surprise to any of you that I met more people in Los Angeles and in Los Angeles County who have had and who continue to have experiences with Angels almost every day or even every day. And it also should be no surprise to any of you that even when I was suicidal for a time between the ages of 21 to 23 that it was the angels and someone who could see them and who knew them well and who brought them far enough into the physical for me to live with them and to make them my friends and compatriots ever since.

But I think I should say here that my first real "normal" memory and experience of my life that I can remember was of Arcangel Michael and his band of Archangels who are like "Heaven's soldiers and Protectors".

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Zephyr said...

I totally agree. I was homeless living/sleeping on the beach during the day in San Diego and working for North County Transit at night-An angel (who proclaimed to be my angel) took me in and let me live with her. I moved to Los Angeles and furthered my career as an Environmentalist. She gave me a chance to not only use my degree but to make some really important self-realizations.