Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If you Live to Be 100

First, it is important that I tend to be an intuitive which means that I tend to pick up useful information about important things, seemingly to some people right out of the air. However, what it looks like to me is just that I actually use many senses most people have but don't necessarily develop like I have. And most of the time people don't develop these special skills unless they have to. Well. I had to in order to survive childhood epilepsy which I finally outgrew at age 15 and haven't ever had a seizure ever since.

So, one of the things that came to me from one of my teachers is the following saying and advice. However, I firmly believe this could also be true potentially for anyone reading this.

This is how it goes, "If you live to be 100 you will live to 500. If you live to 500 you will live to 1000. If you live to 1000 you will live to 5000. If you live to 5000 you will live to 10,000 years of age."

I think this saying has to do with a person's education, general health, and the incredible increases exponentially of medical technology to the point where this is moving toward becoming possible.

When I was told this by a master I thought cynically, "Yeah sure. I'll believe that when I see it." Then when I got a heart virus and doctors told me that I might die I thought back to what the master had said to me."

I also thought about when I woke up that morning and couldn't feel my lips or arms and hands much and walked into the bathroom and my lips seemed to be turning blue. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch as my wife was at work. I watched the now familiar white glow of 12 angels surrounding me and believed I was dying. But the angels made it a major point to let me know I wasn't going to die. They spoke in unison telling me that "You aren't going to die! Your life will get better now!"
The kept saying this in unison together until I could take it all in. After it had seeped into my consciousness and subconscious so my being accepted this fact they slowly faded out. I then went to the phone and called my son (in his early 20s) and asked him to come get me and drive me to the hospital.(I sensed the stress of calling an ambulance might kill me because of the condition I was then in). So I walked outside so I wouldn't be alone and asked a gentleman who was a neighbor to talk to me until my son arrived in case I lost consciousness. This was 11 years ago now in September 1998. Doctors told me I might die for about 7 months but I have learned all my life that angels can be trusted much more than people who generally are pretty ignorant about things compared to angels. Angels might be naive about what it is like to grow up a human on earth but they tend to see the past, present and future of all of us and in regard to that can usually be completely trusted. Most people on the other hand often don't even know what is going on in their lives today, let alone past, present and future.

Anyway, to make a long story short I have less doubts about the saying being true than I did in my early twenties when it was pronounced upon my life. At the time it was tied to 1 million correct decisions as I was told by the master. So I knew right then living the destiny wasn't necessarily easy but I have known more and more over the years that it is possible, not only for me but for many or even all of you reading this. After all I have already lived to 61 and didn't die 11 years ago. So as far as I am concerned my life is already a miracle of God's Grace many times over.

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