Saturday, September 26, 2009

Worldwide Mercury and Lead Poisoning

Two of the major factors worldwide now in preventing normal brain function are mercury poisoning from fish, and lead poisoning from a variety of products we use every day. Luckily, leaded gasoline has been off the market in most of the world now since the 1970s. Because this was a major factor in improper brain development in children exposed to leaded gasoline combusted fumes since the 1920s when lead was first put into gasoline to prevent engine knock.

However, today the problem is different. I'm writing this article because I believe one of the major factors in the incredible increase in alzheimer's disease worldwide is Mercury primarily and secondarily lead. There likely are many other causes that could be from things like, dioxin, for example, which is used to make all paper white as well as toilet paper and it used to be a cause of toxic shock in all feminine products. And the fact that there IS NO SAFE LEVEL of DIOXIN for a human or animal body. And agent orange in the Viet Nam War is the most severe and extreme use of dioxin ever used anywhere on the planet.

Many people try to have mercury composite fillings removed from their teeth that were put in when they were children or young adults. However, my dentist told me that he had stopped doing that because he found that he could not remove the mercury composite fillings without his patients swallowing large amounts of mercury based filings and grindings during the process and now believes it is safer for his patients to leave them in.

Also, in regard to mercury I was watching an actor speak about how he converted all his proteins in his diet for 10 years to fish proteins thinking they would be healthier for him. But when he was checked for Mercury in his body his was found to have 10 times more than was safe to have and to stay alive. So he took off a year from acting while taking chelation treatments with an Medical Doctor to remove as much as possible the Mercury from eating fish from his blood.

I was noticing that there has been a 140% increase in alzheimer's disease in Asia and I think this directly correlates to the amount of fish eaten in an Asian diet. Whether the fish are from the ocean or rivers or lakes it doesn't matter. Mercury at this point is everywhere. And since fish must breathe water it naturally builds up in their flesh but doesn't become a problem until people eat them.

By the way alzheimer's disease has increased 70% in the U.S. and 40% in Europe as well.

Also, don't drink out of garden hoses made in China. So much lead is used in the processing of those hoses that it is actually unsafe to your health to drink from hoses made there. I don't think it is a problem to eat vegetables grown by watering with these hoses though because I believe the plants wouldn't maintain the lead in the plant flesh but likely would rather convert it in some other way. However, since I'm not paid to research physically such things I couldn't really say authoritatively.

With more nations like India and China and others starting to make more things without ecological guidelines like those found in Europe and the U.S. it is likely there will be increasing horror stories worldwide to add to the problems created by the U.S. and Europe of the last 150 years or so.

If you are interested in purified fish oil which is known to support memory learing and mood that has been purified to remove all mercury I use a product called DHA and presently use Nordic Naturals. However, there are many other companies producing this stuff.

Also, if you are concerned about mercury poisoning or lead poisoning and are over 50, after you are tested for mercury poisoning and have had chelation with a medical doctor to reduse your mercury and lead in your body, you might also want to try Phosphatidylserine which promotes brain function. I take a 100 mg softgell every day of phosphatidylserine to enhance brain function. Also, if you are over 50 years of age one has to be concerned about the stomach not being any longer able to digest and convert vitamin B-12. If this happens no amount of B-12 or B vitamins taken orally will help you. There are only two ways to fix this problem. One way (it's cheaper) is to get Trader Joe's sublingual B-12s. These go under the tongue and through cell salts are taken directly into the bloodstream under the tongue and bypass the stomach completely. The second in the long run is better if you can afford it is to go to your doctor and have a B-12 shot monthly to keep your brain working. My wife's father did this and was still mentally functional to age 89 when he passed on.

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Unknown said...

Hi, Fred.

Your post is a really important one. I have a friend that is a naturopathic doctor and she works with ADD/ADHD/autistic kids. She told me that before she can ever start any program with them, she has to detox them from mercury. I have such respect for her pioneering spirit and the patience she has to work at this from such an environmental angle. She is my same friend that worked with massage therapists and found that the ingestion of oil and the toxins in the oil through the hands was causing some pretty serious illness. Again, environmental basis for many, many problems. Recently, the lead in lipstick really outraged me but I felt that it was glossed over in the news. Thanks for the great information. Oh, BTW, I am a big proponent of Nordic Naturals. Not only do their fish oil products work, this company has the best environmental ethics that I have seen. My favorite herbal company is GAIA Herbs - again a giant in the industry doing so much to preserve and interact profoundly with the plants.