Sunday, September 20, 2009

Languages of Expression

I got to thinking about potential readers of the previous article, "The Zen of Soul Travel". If you are not at my blobspot site here is the web address.

I was thinking and having some compassion for people who might not believe soul travel is a real thing and consider such things only imaginary. After all, people can only believe that which their relatives, friends and direct experience shows them. And even then I have met many people who live in constant denial of real experiences so they can stay close to relatives and friends who are actually delusional about one thing or another. This is a way many people have of maintaining continuity in their lives. I also understand why many people do this.

However, I find it helpful to honor my direct experiences very highly. Because without direct experiences most people would still be living in the stone age. And some people on earth still are around the world.

So, for me exploring ideas and experiences and constantly educating myself to learning new things helps me stay on the cutting edge of ideas on earth. However, I must admit this is much harder at age 61 than it was when I grew up in Los Angeles County in the 1950s and 1960s in the suburbs.

So, here I'm trying to say that just like there is English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and all the other languages of earth, that there are many other languages of expression among the peoples of earth. For example, with in any given church or belief system there are people who have actually quite divergent beliefs. Even within the church I was raised in there were Church Ladys like from old Saturday Night Live skits to the other extreme where people said one thing and did another every day. In other words the latter were Sunday morning only Christians and might do just about anything you can imagine if it wasn't Sunday Morning.

So, what I'm' trying to get at is that in the world population there are many languages of expression that remind me of languages like English and French.

When I spoke to you of Soul Travel there are many many people worldwide that can do this too.(Many do it all the time consciously). But most people do it only unconsciously in their daydreams or night dreams. But some of us have realized that when you think of anyone or anything you are to a greater or lesser degree in contact with that thing or that person which is why it is very important to be careful what you think about in any given moment,(especially if you are a gifted soul traveler). Because a soul traveler, for sure goes wherever he or she thinks and actually(whether he or she wants to or not) influences whatever he or she thinks about in many different ways. So, if you are going to be a soul traveler it is very important that one have benevolent feelings towards all beings. Otherwise, being a soul traveler could be bad karma. So, conscious soul traveling is best (in general) left to monk like, priest like, minister like, doctor and healing like people.

And it doesn't really matter whether you believe in Soul Travel or not.

It is like not believing in the internet. Will that prevent the internet from happening?

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