Thursday, September 17, 2009

UFO Pilot

I woke up this morning thinking about the "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise. On the new Jay Leno Show Tom Cruise mentioned that this was his favorite movie. Then I thought of the book,
"The Day After Roswell" by former Pentagon official and former aide to President Eisenhower in the White House, Colonel Phillip J. Corso.

Since Colonel Corso spent his adult life in Army Intelligence when asked whether the Intelligence community would dispute the facts in his book said, "They wouldn't dare!" which is true. His book was never disputed by the intelligence community in the U.S.

The book also has an introduction by Senator Strom Thurmond. Since both of these men are now deceased and since both of them were very conservative politically it makes complete sense that the conservatives would have been the ones to create the biggest cover up in U.S. History so far. In their defense, however, it should be said that in 1947 when Roswell occurred the cold war was beginning and all the Chaos and insanity of World War II was ending and in the end it was President Truman's duty to stabilize the country. When I read "For your eyes only" in a book by Timothy Goode around 1992 called "Above Top Secret" I understood why Truman had covered up the whole UFO issue. Also, I began to understand what "For your eyes only" revealed to President Eisenhower. Then when President Eisenhower met the alien group at Muroc(now Edwards Air Force Base sometime between 1952 and 1954 he traded for ufo technology so our military could more easily travel time. The unfortunate thing about this deal was that he had to trade the common people of earth for technology. The deal was that unknown common people could be experimented with as long as the leadership of earth was left alone and as long as no one died. In return for this the U.S. was given time travel to keep nuclear accidents from happening and so the end of the world didn't occur for any reason.


Phil woke up and was asked to report for duty. He remembered being told yesterday about his having been genetically designed to fit the standard time space folder. It was a saucer shape vehicle about 25 to 30 feet in diameter which was perfect for a crew of 4 to 6 beings his size. Phil wasn't sure he like the idea of having been designed as a pilot that integrated with his saucer shaped "time-space folder".

It had been discovered that some genetic lines of his humanoid species were capable of soul travel and that those same genetic lines could sometimes fold time-space for physical galactic and intergalactic travel. Scientists had discovered through research on these genetic lines of individuals that if they wired them directly into a ship so the ship was sort of like their exoskeleton that they then could take other ship mates with them anywhere in time and space. Once this discovery was made all travel (as long as there was a sufficient power source) became instantaneous to any place inside the Milky Way Galaxy. And some of the same genetic lines and other genetic lines were capable of travel to other galaxies as well. So, the only dependent factor became the power sources. And the easiest source of power was usually a planets magnetic fields as they were charged by solar winds and plasma. Even though the suns power itself was the best power source it was usually too dangerous to do this to the pilot and his crew because of the danger of incineration because of timing of the events. However, over time ways to do this to create multi-Galactic travel had been created.

Over millions of years Phil's culture had remained fairly static as a way to avert chaos and war. However, cultures like Earth's were problematic for his culture because they tended to be chaotic periodically and sometimes all the time and could prove a threat to the static culture that Phil had grown up in and the one in which he had been genetically designed and bred as UFO Pilot.

Soon, he would fly to earth to bring some of his scientists that were worried about the effects of the newly developed Atom Bomb on earth.

As Phil suited up with the others for the flight to earth he had a bad feeling about this whole thing. Being intuitively gifted he knew then he wasn't going to return home. He went to his commanding officer and told him of his premonition. His commanding officer said, "Yes. I know. But I don't have the authority to save your life or the lives of your crew. Our whole civilization is built upon duty. And your flight will become known to earthlings and begin to open them to the possibility of UFOs and extraterrestrial flight. So I must apologize to you, Phil, because of your impending death that you must endure as your patriotic duty."

Phil felt sick but realized he must do his duty for his planet and system. So as he suited up he made telepathic contact with all his relatives and told them that he wouldn't return. They were all saddened by his confession but understood fully that he must do his duty to protect his civilization from the chaotic Earthling culture.

Later, as Phil lay dying on the Roswell Desert he thought of how crazy all this was. That he had too little freedom and how earthlings had to much. Wasn't there a balance somewhere in the craziness of the universe?

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