Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Duty Sept. 23rd 2009

I believe it is the duty of all of us humans to learn as much as we can and to share the results of what we have learned before we die in such a way so as many humans as possible can benefit from whatever wisdom we have garnered.

Most of what I learned in school as a boy wasn't as useful as I might have imagined. Yes, reading writing and arithmetic were useful in different ways but I would say the most useful things I learned mostly unexpectedly and sort of left my mouth hanging open(metaphorically if not physically) because the things I learned that I found the most useful were usually completely unexpected. So that, in the end "Truth is much stranger than fiction".

Many people spend their whole lives running from the truth but I have chosen to embrace the truth. For without the truth how can any civilization last long enough to be actually worth something to anyone? Without at least some of us willing to embrace the truth our civilization is going to be over pretty soon.

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