Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outlawing incandescents isn't the answer

I don't think outlawing incandescent lights is the answer to the energy problem because fluorescent lights are bad for the eyes and the health long term. Many people forced to work in fluorescent lighting during the day, especially, are sick a lot more. And trying to get plants to live in only fluorescent light usually eventually kills them. And like plants people need incandescent full spectrum light which is like the sun. Fluorescents are pulsing all the time like the old cathode ray tube TV and computer screens and aren't good for long term health either. Flat screens both computer and TV and incandescent lights are much better for everyone's eyesight and long term health.

The one caveat that I might have to all this is that if incandescent 12 volt lighting is still allowed then at least if one has solar power in their home they could still use 12 volt lighting system off of batteries charged by solar cells on their roofs. 12 volt lighting is what all motor homes have when not running directly from a 110 volt generator or 110 volt plug in from a stationary source that comes from a power plant.

In this way people would be rewarded for going solar and using a 12 volt battery system charged by solar cells. I think people who use wind generators should be rewarded for this as well.

If electric cars were all required to be covered with solar cells on all their sun exposed surfaces then all excess electricity that they generate could be plugged into the local grids. Eventually in sunny areas this could almost replace power plants if done in an efficient way.

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