Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creation Stories

Every culture on earth big or small has its creation stories, whether it is in the Bible in Western Culture or it is one or more Creation stories for every tribe or group of people on earth. As a cultural relativist(which means that no culture is intrinsically better than any other) then all creation stories are equal in this sense.

So, having studied not just the Bible Creation stories but also thousands of other creation stories around the world I realized that what I had been writing since 1980 in my "Memories" series is my own creation story.

To understand where all Creation stories come from we must look deeper into the experiences and conditioning that all undergo since conception and birth. For all these things influence whatever creation stories we come up with in our lives. And in a cultural relativistic sense your creation story and my creation story is the same as every creation story on earth because it tells others how we experience life on earth and of how we see our place in the universe.

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