Saturday, September 5, 2009

Passing on

After I was older than 30 I became balanced enough in the use of my intuitive faculties that I could explore what happens to people I knew when they died. Many of my friends and relatives would come to me after death to ask for my help. Depending upon whether I felt safe or not I would either help them or call Jesus, Saint Germain and Holy Angels to assist the person who had passed over and was in need of help.

As you can imagine even as an intuitive I must be very disciplined much like a spiritual soldier in dealing with these kinds of situations. Because even though I am quite capable of helping now I have to be very careful not to get sucked into situations that could be detrimental or dangerous to myself or my family or friends. So, good boundaries are very important if doing this kind of work if you too are an intuitive. If you are just sympathetic to the soul you likely are in trouble already. You must be like a Doctor or a nurse in this sense. You must be very level headed and calm and never lose your cool at any time. IF you do lose your cool then you must withdraw immediately and protect yourself any way you know how. So, since if you take on this kind of responsibility it is very important to ask the help of Jesus and Angels and ascended masters like Saint Germain or others and all the Saints to help you through to a good outcome. Otherwise just forget doing this kind of work because if you aren't very disciplined along with being compassionate and helpful you will be in trouble and that isn't a good idea.

The single biggest problem I encounter is that often when souls first leave their bodies they panic like a drowning person. Other than calling in Angels to convey this person to a higher realm you don't want them trying to enter your body because this can delay or cause problems for them if you allow this to happen. Later after beings get used to not having a physical body(a few days later) then sometimes you can help or reassure them and sometimes even psychologically stabilize them like a friend reassures another friend who is sick in bed or in a hospital. However, one must always know that one's duty is to help this person get adjusted to the next world that they will have to live in without a physical body. Any other path than this is extremely bad karma for everyone involved and can be potentially fatal to you or those around you.

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