Monday, September 28, 2009

California Cosmic Sept. 28th 2009

I was thinking about what it is to be a California Cosmic. I suppose there are synonyms for this which might be: California Mystic, California Open minded, California constantly learning and evolving. Or just add your state or country if this is you as well. So, you could literally say if you wanted to: "I'm a _______ Cosmic or mystic or open minded or just constantly learning and evolving as a person.

I think the trigger for me in becoming a California Cosmic was my realization that God absolutely could not be limited to any one philosophy or religion. So, now when someone says, "Well. You have to do such and such" my reaction is to want to laugh in their face because, "HOw small do you think God is?" If God really exists He or She or the Being IS the size of the whole universe and any human conceptions of who God is will be in the end way too limited or wrong. By anthropomorphizing God like we do our pets or ancestors we never met we do a very great disservice to what God would actually be. To think otherwise is to be a child and about like a 4 year old asking questions at that.

So, if God exists then God is big enough to encompass all human, animal, bird, fish religions and individual covenants and religions throughout all time and space on earth and beyond. And if God honors all kind religions then all kind religions throughout the universe are then honored by God and all individual covenants with God.

So what is it that I'm saying? What I'm saying is that both the Universe and God are unlimited in any way. So trying to define God within ANY framework is like trying to catch Air in a net. If one did such a thing they only would be laughed at! The best anyone can do is to make their own personal Covenant with God and life. Only in this way I believe is anything useful accomplished. However, since I admit that God is beyond what any human being(or probably what ANY other Being in the universe) can fully conceive of then all of us can only do our best in any given moment.

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