Thursday, September 10, 2009

Purple Delta 7:Motorcycle

If you've read about Purple Delta 7 before you know she is the most lethal weapon presently in the solar system. She is what is called in the Galaxy a weaponized sentient computer robotic construct. A stone Age version of her would be a Terminator. Her evolution of robotic sentient is millions of years in advance of this.

So, when the Time Lord of Earth, His Oneness of Ancient Lemuria, asked the Galactic Sentience(the leader of the entire Milky Way Galaxy) to send him a bodyguard for Jonathan Flow because his book "Memories" was going to go galaxy wide and multi-galaxy wide as a galactic and intergalactic instrument of peace and understanding between all cultures, the Galactic Sentience sent Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent to be Jonathan Flows bodyguards from conception to transmutation into the next phase of being.

Jonathan Flow sort of accepted all this as a matter of course. Since he had soul traveled and had met the Galactic Sentience in the core of the Galaxy in 1970 and had asked the Galactic Sentience for help in preventing the nuking out of existence of earth and the preventing of the destruction of earth by any means, Jonathan's wish had been granted. So now Jonathan, as a loyal soldier to the people of Earth understood his place in the universe.

To Jonathan now Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent were his friends and compatriots and even family in the overall scheme of things in his life.

So, when he walked down to his garage where he kept his motorcycle he wasn't surprised at all when Purple Delta 7 had manifested as his motorcycle and the Sargent had manifested as the ignition system on the bike. Jonathan knew the Sargent would love doing that as he was a plasma being more at home in electricity than regular matter.

However, he knew that Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent loved each other as much as any two beings could. The fact that they were not human or from Earth didn't bother Jonathan as he had had since 1970 to get used to ideas like this and today was Thursday Septemeber 10th 2009.

Jonathan pushed his motorcycle out of the garage, put the key in, made sure it was in neutral, pulled back the choke and pushed the started button. Being 61 he still thought it very strange that there was no kick starter as most of the motorcycles he had owned in his life had a kick starter for primary or secondary ignition. But feeling like a dinosaur when you are 61 years old he had gotten used to now as had all the men and women who had lived that long down through the history of mankind.

He walked back into the garage to shut it for security. Also, the exhaust from the motorcycle was trying to follow him into the garage.

Since Purple Delta7 and the Sargent also took the form of his motorhome he was used to being surrounded by them. In this case he was riding on them as a vehicle rather than riding in them as a vehicle. He felt safe and secure knowing they would protect him as he rode down to the beach along the scenic highway near his home. People came from all over the world, especially during the summer to drive this stretch of road.

He had to be careful today though because leaves and pine needles were starting to fall because Fall and the end of Summer were arriving. The kids, including his daughter were back in school and only his son in college wasn't back in school yet because his college term didn't start until late September or early October.

As Jonathan rode his sentient motorcycle out of his driveway he felt the new coolness to the air that one experiences in the Fall. He knew he had to be more cautious on corners because of the pine needles and leaves. He had had a bad experience on his bicycle last year and luckily wasn't seriously injured. He was just riding his mountain bike down the street and didn't take seriously the buildup of pine needles and wound up off his bike in his neighbors bushes. A motorcycle doing the same thing would be much more serious. He thought of how glad he was to be wearing his high black Red wing boots. They reminded him of the boots worn by Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" in 1953.

Jonathan had greatly enjoyed "Long Way Round" which was done by Ewan McGregor and his friend as they cirumnambulated the globe on BMW motorcycles. They went from England across Europe, through Mongolia, Siberia, took a boat to Alaska and then rode through Alaska and down to the lower 48 States of the U.S. and then took a boat home to England. It took them several months to do this.

As Jonathan rode his bike along the ocean the waves crashed in succession and he smelled the salt air in his nose and felt alive once more. More than anything Jonathan thought that he rode a motorcycle once again just to feel alive at age 61. One had to be sooo disciplined to go on living at 61. There just had to be some ways to feel alive. Writing and riding his motorcycle and riding his bicycle and hiking in the forests or at the ocean with his dogs were some of the ways he found to still feel alive. For him, because he was intelligent and disciplined, finances were not a problem but feeling like he was still alive at 61 was something he dealt with every day.

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