Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Death Panels Today? Insurance Companies

I was listening to the Jay Leno Show on TV and he mentioned the Real Death Panels right now in YOUR life. They are not the government. They are the insurance companies every time they deny someone's policy for any reason and as a result someone becomes permanently incapacitated or dies. The real Death Panels are the insurance companies because they are not regulated to not do that by any Federal Regulations. And as long as it stays the way it is, denying someone's health insurance policy often results in death or permanent incapacitation or bankruptcy.

We are the only country (probably) in the entire G-20 nations that has a for profit medical care system. Every other system is non-profit because how immoral is it to have a for profit health care system or for that matter how immoral is it to have a for profit Prison system?

Until we can at least say our medical care is covered by non-profit corporations with for profit doctors and nurses we cannot say we are a moral nation in regard to health care.

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