Saturday, April 29, 2017

When you give a divisive Speech like Trump just did people are going to die from it

The problem of being a divider and not a uniter as both Obama, Bush II and Clinton were is people die, not usually by the thousands but all the crazies who are supporters of Trump will definitely make people disappear more now, they will discriminate more now. They will Trample on the human rights of others more now.

So, what Trump just did is make this a more divided and violent nation and if he keeps this up he is going to start a violent revolution in this country if he keeps this up. People will peacefully demonstrate only so long if their rights are not heard.

Let's go back and observe what happened in Syria when Sunnis wanted equal rights with Shias and Assad started torturing 15 year olds.

You say that can't happen here but I remember Kent STate where students were shot by the National Guard just for demonstrating their rights. I remember the 1968 Democratic National convention where hundreds of demonstrators were clubbed with billy clubs in Chicago. I remember a lot of things that people would think impossible today 40 or 50 years later. I remember being at a love in in Griffith park and everyone who was stoned (not me) was beaten to a pulp just for listening to an anti-war concert that didn't run for their lives at the end of it.

You say what Assad did in Syria couldn't happen here but then you better look at what Trump is doing and saying.

I'm sorry folks it could if he keeps dividing this nation like he did in this speech.

Trump is bringing blood in the streets with speeches like this.

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