Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why would Congress want to debate fighting ISIS?

The logical reason would be that as Bad as ISIS is Iran and Hezbollah might be worse. And since ISIS might be the ONLY effective fighting force against both Iran and Hezbollah and since Iran is the biggest terrorist country on earth that supports terrorism directly as a government by funding Hezbollah as a government, maybe ISIS isn't as bad as what IRan and Hezbollah and Assad are all doing in massacring Sunni Muslims in both Iraq and Iran. Because now the U.S. put in place a Shia Government in IRaq that discriminates and kills Sunnis and Syria and Iran do the same thing.

So, which is worse? Iran and Hezbollah and Assad or ISIS?

Yes. it is true that ISIS kills people in more gruesome ways than Iran, Hezbollah and Assad do but not by much when you consider barrel bombs and chemical bombs dropped on Sunni Muslims in Syria.

So, here is the question who is really worse? IRan and Assad and Hezbollah or ISIS?

I think here you have to study and then ask this question yourselves because most Americans don't have a faintest Idea really about very much of this at all.

Basically, they are both bad in different ways. In the long run IRan is much more dangerous because it's path is the same as North KOrea has been all along towards nukes and Isis is worse in the short run but now it's losing even Mosul.

So, what are Americans really doing in the middle East anyway?

This question outside of ending ISIS has not been answered by anyone.

Because ending ISIS also brings Iran closer to nukes and harming more Sunnis throughout the middle East.

And no one in Washington is really dealing with this problem at all.

So, in the end ending ISIS ONLY means Iran, Assad and Hezbollah are going to be killing millions more Sunni Muslims from now on, it also means Iran likely will have nukes like North Korea within 10 to 20 years and be in the same position that North Korea is now in regard to the U.S. and Europe within 10 to 20 years.

This is all ending ISIS REALLY Means!

And conversely in Yemen it means Saudi Arabia is going to continue to kill Houthi Shia rebels in Yemen and massacre them without limit until their oil money runs out or is replenished and then they are going to kill even more once (or if) the price of oil goes up once again.

So, in the end the end of ISIS does not end the deaths of millions of Sunnis and Shia Muslims throughout the Middle East in different battle zones ongoing likely the rest of this century the way all this is going now.

There is no end in sight of anything but ISIS right now in Mosul.

So, when ISIS is vanquished should we feel happy or sad?

Likely both if we really understand just how bad things still are in the middle east the rest of this century.

And so how many millions more Sunni and Shia refugees are going to be trying to go to anywhere but the middle east soon?


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