Tuesday, April 25, 2017

3 steps forward and 1 step back

If you are a mountain climber like I was especially in my 20s and a lot of my friends too. (one of my friends still has the record number of ascents from Horse Camp to the summit and back within a 24 hour period by the way) who has climbed most of the famous peaks on earth at this point.

If you are a mountain climber you are familiar with "3 steps forward and one step sliding back". This Trump era is a sliding back (losing ground) of progressive human rights, especially for women here on earth. And if La Penn is elected in France it will be a human rights disaster there too.

So, more and more this is all looking a lot like World War II all over again in many ways right now because when you have a loss of human rights you always have a lot of loss of life because of it as well because not only do people give up hope and just fade away and die when there are no human rights and also commit suicide more when there are no human rights they also murder each other more worldwide and lie to each other more when there are no human rights too.

So, the Trump "Sliding backwards on human rights" era is very dangerous. But another way to look at this is it is sort of like when you are hiking uphill really really hard and then you stop for a rest to take stock of where you have been and where you are going to re-evaluate everything to see if it is safe enough to keep going forward.

This is what the whole human race is doing right now.

Some things have worked and some things haven't.

It's important to assess now what is working, what has been working and what is no longer working.

This is what the human race is doing right now worldwide.

We are all reassessing what has happened since world war II and what we are going to do next to survive here on earth as human beings ongoing.

Progress if you study history looks more like what we are experiencing now than anything else:

3 steps forward, 1 step sliding backward. repeat.

This is often what human history looks like

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