Friday, April 28, 2017

Looking into the future regarding weather events

The problem is that increasing heat creates ever increasing winds worldwide. So, for example, in any kind of storm (windstorm, hurricane, tornado, rain storm, snow storm, blizzard) winds can be a previously unheard of speeds more and more at any time of the year worldwide.

There are no longer predictable seasons where events always occur. Winds accompanied by almost anything can and will occur without any notice at all from anyone at any point or points on earth.

And with Trump discontinuing so many weather satellites because he doesn't want to pay for them this is only going to greatly increase deaths and maimings not only here in the U.S. but in Canada, Mexico and all surrounding countries or countries that also use our satellites. So, this will greatly reduce populations in the Western Hemisphere especially because of not being warned before extreme events happen in time because of a loss of weather satellite data.

The biggest problem I foresee is people having to grow food in greehouses to protect from the wind worldwide. But also they might be able to build up dirt burms to prevent winds from killing plants too in some areas. People like animals who live underground like ground squirrels and gophers can move underground for safety or built cement dome like structures that won't be blow away by up to 200 mph winds or more in the future.

So, 100 to 130 mph winds that we saw in the past slowly will be replaced by upwards of 200 to 300 mph winds and all the chaos worldwide this will create over the next 200 to 300 years as temperatures increase.

Then as people move northwards or southwards below the equator for cooler weather might also be overtaken at some point or points with short or long term ice ages affected from the polar regions down to about where Texas is and from The High Sierras over to the Eastern Coastal Ranges north all the way to the north pole. This might happen worldwide in the northern Hemisphere too over time.

So, the migrations away from the heat also in the long run could cause millions of deaths if an ice age of short or long term duration begins from Texas north in the U.S. during the next several thousands years.

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