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Maitreya in Theosophy

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In theosophy, the theosophical Maitreya has multiple aspects signifying not just the future Buddha, but similar concepts from other religious or spiritual traditions.[29]
In early 20th century, leading theosophists became convinced that an appearance of the Maitreya as a so-called "World Teacher" was imminent. A South Indian boy, Jiddu Krishnamurti, was thought to be destined as the "vehicle" of the soon-to-manifest Maitreya; however the manifestation did not happen as predicted, and did not fulfil theosophists' expectations.[30]

Post-theosophical movements

Since the growth of the theosophical movement in the 19th century, and influenced by theosophy's articulations on the Maitreya, non-Buddhist religious and spiritual movements have adopted and reinterpreted the concept in their doctrines. Share International, which equates Maitreya with the prophesied figures of multiple religious traditions, claims that he is already present in the world, but is preparing to make an open declaration of his presence in the near future. They claim that he is here to inspire mankind to create a new era based on sharing and justice.[31]
In the beginning of the 1930s, the Ascended Master Teachings placed Maitreya in the "Office of World Teacher" until 1956, when he was described as moving on to the "Office of Planetary Buddha" and "Cosmic Christ" in their concept of a Spiritual Hierarchy.
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My parents were into Ascended Master teachings so it was a Christian Mystic religion so that Jesus and Saint Germain was the basic part of the religion but also related to Maitreya as a World Teacher and I was thinking about when he became "Office of Planetary Buddha" which might have come from the Summit Lighthouse which is another sect of this kind of Ascended Master Thinking and teachings (there are several different versions of Ascended master Teachings now all over the world). My mother  from 1936 with her father starting when she was 16 until he passed on when she was around 20 was into the Saint Germain Foundation, and my father from 1940 with Mrs. Ballard who continued the teachings as leader worldwide of the Saint Germain Foundation until the early 1970s when she passed on in her 80s. I left the organization around 1969 at age 21 from being too 1960s for them to deal with and my father left because he didn't like the way I was treated around 1975 and joined another version of Ascended Master Teachings in the Summit Lighthouse with Elizabeth Clare Prophet until his passing in 1985 at which time my mother went back to the Saint Germain Foundation again once my father had passed on because of all her friends worldwide since she was 16. My mother was a naturally spiritual person and really didn't need a religion because (like me) she could experience angels and heaven realms and see auras and speak with God any time she wanted to. Both my parents were very gifted people and my father also was valedictorian of his High School Class in Lake Forest Park, Washington.

So, because of this I have known Gautama Buddha and Maitreya all my life in the religion I was raised in as a child. So, I have had connections to Archangel Michael and many angels since I was 2 and have conscious connections to Jesus and Saint Germain being aware of their presence in my room often from age 3 to 5 years of age and learning how to have conversations with them starting from 5 to 9 years old and so on. Also, having relationships also with Mary mother of Jesus all my life too. But, for me it never was theoretical it was always a real experience. However, I was upset with God from ages 10 to 15 because I had Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy and wondered why God was trying to kill me?

But, after I invoked God to live in my body at 15 he did from then on but this is a pretty extreme experience too 24 hours a day and I wasn't really comfortable with all this fully until I was about 30 when I fully realized I was a blessing to myself and all other beings at this point because the integration between God and I had become permanent and was no longer experimental to see if I could survive it any longer. By then God had trained me pretty well and I had learned to accept 24 hour a day supernatural experiences as normal.

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