Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Heaven realms

Everyone is going to have their own experience if they experience any or all of the heaven realms in their meditations or contemplations.

It might be useful to attain the state where baby's don't usually cry when you come into a room before you try to go there though.

Because there is an innocent state you need to attain before you will be allowed to go there by the guardians of the heavens and this often is attained if you are meditating in a really safe place where no one can or will harm you. In other words you need to be somewhere where no one will disturb you for a time in order to accomplish this. Where no one will talk to you or make noise around you to create this outcome. However, if someone is a true master they can walk around in a body and be in heaven all the time simultaneously but this is rare to see. And until you experience this for yourself likely you wouldn't believe it anyway.

So, just know this state is attainable once you get there for longer and longer stints of time until eventually likely you could be there 24 hours a day. (to live in heaven and earth simultaneously.)

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